Testing The TAGinn TAG-18, AFG-6 & TAG-19


Municak SK got to test the different pyro grenades for airsoft and milsim use from TAGinn such as TAG-18 smoke, the AFG-6 and TAG-19. You can find these at their online store located in Slovakia.. "We decided to show you the new Taginn airsoft grenades in action. Juraj will show smoke and hand grenades in the video."

Strike Planet's TAGinn TAG-19 Review


Strike Planet reviews the TAG-19 pyro grenade that they have available. This is based on the Russian RGD5 frag grenade and this is mainly a pyro grenade with no projectiles blasted out when it ignites. This has a 3.5 seconds allowance for the thrower after the pin is pulled out.

TAGinn TAG-19 Pyro Grenades At Evike.com


The Pyro TAG-19 Grenade from TAGinn is in stock at Evike.com... "This MilSim pyrotechnical hand grenade has the well-known RGD5 Russian frag grenade shape.

As well as TAG67 grenade, it has multiple biodegradable BBs mixed with the PEG component in order to avoid noises of shaking BBs inside the polyurethane body. Our standard pyrotechnical element provides an even spread of fragments with 10-12 meters.

Marty Airsoft: TAGinn TAG-19 Review


Marty Airsoft reviews the TAG-19 pyro grenade for airsoft use made by TAG Innovations/Airsoft Pyrotechnics. If there is an uncanny resemblace to a real world grenade, it is because it is based on the RGD-5, the fragmentation grenade developed by the Soviet Union in 1950s and it is still in use by many countries who were in the Soviet Union's orbit during the Cold War.

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09 Aug 2022

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