Neo035: Umarex Winchester 1894 Review


Neo035 goes further back in time from his usual World War airsoft guns review and checks out the Umarex Legends Cowboy M1894. This has a classic look with a realistic lever pull operation. BBs are loaded into the shell with the lever pull, it chambers the next round and expends the spent round. It uses two 12g CO2 capsules to operate this airsoft gun.

Winchester 1897 Trench Shotgun


The Winchester 1897 Shotgun saw action in the Philippine-American War of 1898 and during World War I, it became the preferred weapon for close quarters action in clearing trenches, which were brutal affairs. The model was modified with the addition of a perforated steel heat shield over the barrel to to ensure that the soldier's hand is protected from the hot barrel and a bayonet lug was added to mount an M1917 bayonet. Garand Thumb has a go a this and gives his take on this gun.

BB2K Airsoft: Umarex Legends Cowboy Rifle


Bruce of BB2K Airsoft is a fan cowboy shows and with the Winchester M1894 shell ejecting rifle from the Umarex Legends Cowboy Rifle, he gets to feel what is like to hold a rifle from the Wild Wild West... "Growing up with Old Shatterhand, Surehand, Firehand and Winnetou on television, the Winchester and the Colt SAA have always been the non plus ultra for me as a kid.

S&T Winchester Model 1887 Review


Airsoft Mike got another classic shotgun to review and it's the S&T M1887 or the Winchester Model 1887... "I am getting to the stage where something a little different to the norm, is major for me. And today's unboxing is major.. MAJOR fun! Join me as I unbox and take a look at the S&T M1887 Lever-action, shell ejecting, real wood awesomeness! Arnie would be proud!"

Burntwolf Airsoft: KTW Winchester 1873 Review


We get to watch another review of the KTW Dong San Winchester 1873 as done by Burntwolf Airsoft... "Right then you orrible lot, this week on Burntwolf airsoft I'm taking a look at the KTW Winchester 1873. Made by dong san this airsoft rifle does a fantastic job of replicating the rifle that won the west.

Marushin Winchester M1892 Randall Custom


Mach Sakai goes over the Marushin Winchester M1892 Randall Custom. This is a gas and lever action airsoft vintage-styel airsoft rifle. It has a real wood stock and metal receiver and has a capacity of 24 rounds. He checks it out for accuracy in a quick steel challenge and as scrutinises it for operations and external details.

KTW New Winchester M1873 At Bang Bang


Bang Bang Big Boys Shop got in stock the KTW New Winchester M1873 Carbine for their Hong Kong customers. A lever action airsoft rifle with a fixed hop-up it has a full metal body with faux wood. The two magazine tubes that come with the package each has a 37-round capacity and it is a spring powered airsoft rfile with an initial muzzle velocity of 275fps.

RWTV: KTW New Winchester M1873


The lever action Winchester M1873 is back, and Marck West checks out the KTW New Winchester M1873 in this RedWolf Airsoft TV (RWTV) episode... "The Model 1873 was one of the most successful Winchester rifles of its day, with Winchester marketing it as "The Gun that Won the West". Still an icon in the modern day, it was manufactured between 1873 and 1923. It was originally chambered for the .44-40 cartridge, which was the first centrefire cartridge and which became immensely popular.

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