Red Ivan Airsoft: Umarex G17 Gen4 & G19 Gen3


Are the Glock 17 Gen 4 and Glock 19 Gen 3 two of the best airsoft Glocks in the market right now? Red Ivan Airsoft got these two GBB pistols to tell what he thinks... "Hello, Comrades, in this video we will talk about Glock licensed Umarex Glock 17gen4 and Glock 19gen3 replicas. We will talk about other companies producing replicas of this extremely popular pistol, discuss the main features of Umarex products specifically and of course shoot a little bit."

Red Ivan Airsoft's Project "Boris"


Red Ivan Airsoft's Project "Boris" is a two-part video about converting the WE Airsoft Makarov Gas Blowback Pistol more similar to the real steel Makarov... "Hi Comrades, today we will talk about WE PMM (MAKAROV) airsoft pistol. This is my ongoing Makarov modification project "BORIS". In this project we will try to make this WE PMM look closer to the real steel Soviet MAKAROV.

Red Ivan Airsoft Recommends The Umarex MP7A1 AEG


For Speedsofters, the Umarex MP7A1 AEG is a wet dream for them according to Red Ivan Airsoft as he explains why in this video... "Hello, Comrades, today we will discuss this new Umarex MP7A1 AEG. We will go through every part of it and will try to see how it performs."

WarOX FSB Helmet Voin Kiver RSP Replica


Red Ivan Airsoft goes over the WarOX FSB Helmet Voin Kiver RSP Replica for airsoft use in this video review... "In this video, we will talk about budget Airsoft replica of Russian helmet Voin Kiver RSP. History of the real steel prototype, and review of the pros and cons of the WarOx EVI replica."



Red Ivan Airsoft ditches Soviet weapons designs and gets a 21st Century design in the form of the G&P CQB-R SOPMOD II MK18 Mod 1 AEG for this review... "In this video, we'll talk about G&P CQBR Sopmod block II (MK18 Mod 1). We will discuss packaging, internals, and externals of this AEG and, of course, we will talk about its history..."

FAR Cuba Infantry Uniform & Equipment


Rare video in airsoft which Red Ivan Airsoft can be credited is presenting the FAR (Fuerzas Armadas Revolucionarias) Cuba Infantry uniform and equipment seen in the Bastion 2016 Military Exercise... "Hola, Camaradas, in this video we will talk about the uniforms and equipment of the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Cuba for the period of the Bastion 2016 exercise."

Vietnam War LRRP Airsoft Loadout


Red Ivan Airsoft goes back in time again to put together an LRRP airsoft loadout taking inspiration from the LRRPs during the Vietnam War... "In this video, we will Discuss my Mid-level, Airsoft, Vietnam Era LRRP loadout. We will talk about Vietnam Era camouflages such as Duck Hunter, Tiger Stripe and ERDL. And will Discuss M1956, M1961, and M1967 Load-Carry Equipment."

Red Ivan Airsoft: RhSAS Airsoft Loadout


Another loadout video from Red Ivan Airsoft showing the Rhodesian SAS loadout. This unit was in existence from 1951 to 1980... "Hello, Comrades, in this video we will talk about the Mid War Rhodesian SAS ( RhSAS) airsoft loadout.

We will discuss difference between Cross-border and Domestic Reid Uniforms and Equipment, brief history of the Brushstroke Camouflage, and uniform pieces in this pattern that was commonly used by RhSAS.

Red Ivan Airsoft: Ukrainian Army Field Uniform 1991-2019


Another educational video from Red Ivan Airsoft as he talks about the Ukrainian Army Field Uniform from 1991 to 2019... "Hello, Comrades. In this video, we will talk about the Ukrainian Armed Forces  field uniforms from 1991 to 2019, talk about the differences between the Soviet 'Butan' and the Ukrainian 'Dubok'. We will discuss all Ukrainian domestic camouflage patterns and find out where did the MM14 came from.

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