DE M904G Muzzle Brake Removal & Suppressor Fitting


Continuing with requests on how to configure the Double Eagle M904G AEG, Pheas Airsoft shows how to  remove the Muzzle Brake and be able to install a suppressor... "Following several requests, and battling to find the time, I did a quick video to show to remove the muzzle break on the lovely DE M904G."

Strike Industries WarHog Comp Released


A new compact muzzle brake from Strike Industries has been released, the Strike Industries WarHog Comp... "The Strike Industries WarHog line of affordable, no nonsense, high performance muzzle brakes expand our line of high efficiency single chamber devices.  These brakes effectively reduce recoil and muzzle rise, while maintaining a compact dimensions.  Match the performance of a bulkier design, without the added weight and length.

Defender Type Muzzle Brake For KSG


If you find the Strike Hider for the Tokyo Marui KSG Gas Shotgun is too aggressive, then you might find the First Factory Defender Type Muzzle Brake more to your like. Combine it with the KSG Twin Spike, you still got a mean look for the shotgun. Laylax now have this in stock in Japan but check with your retailer when they are going to have this in stock.

PTS Griffin Armament M4SD Muzzle Brake


PTS Syndicate sends in news about the new product they have licensed from Griffin Armament... "The Griffin Armament M4SD Muzzle Brake is designed purely to maximize recoil control and muzzle movement. It is perfect for rapid shooting situations such as competitions where minimal rifle and sight movement during rapid shooting is important for very fast and accurate follow up shots.

LanTac Costa Ludus Dragon Brake


A new product comes out with the collaboration between Costa Ludus and LanTac USA, the limited edition Lantac Dragon Brake. Airsoft players might want to ask a certain airsoft upgrades part maker to get a license of this and make one for the airsoft market... "We are very pleased to announce our collaboration with Chris Costa of Costa Ludus in the USA.

PTS Griffin Armament Muzzle Devices


An announcement from PTS Syndicate that they now have released the muzzle devices they have licensed from Griffin Armament for the airsoft market and four will be ready for dealers andresellers to order... "Griffin Armament was founded by a pair of sniper-qualified U.S. Army combat infantry veterans.

PDI Trident Muzzle Brake for CA M24


Airsoft snipers got something to look forward to with this new release from PDI Japan which is available now at the Spring Lock website... "Dear Sir, Today I have a PDI new muzzle brake for Classic Army or PDI made M24. We called it Trident muzzle brake. PDI make the REAL style to make up M24.

PDI FTE Muzzle Brake Gets Released


As promised by PDI Japan, Tomo sends in the news of the availability of the FTE Muzzle Brake for VSR-10, L-96 AWS, and the Maruzen Type 96. For those who want a big front, then this one's for you and it's available now at Spring Lock, the online distributor for PDI products available in the English Language and US Dollar transactions.

556 Muzzle Brake for TM M4 Series


PDI Japan's latest Muzzle Brake product which of course is always made for Tokyo Marui products, with this item compatible with the TM M4 Series. Made of duralmin, CNC'd, and is anodized black. This has a tight diameter and when installing this, you cannot extend your inner barrel (and of course destroys the aesthics), so ensure that the inner barrel is the length where the muzzle meets the outer barrel with a 14mm CCW thread. Please do make sure that the the outer barrel should be 17.8mm.

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