Arcturus K9 Series Carbine & CQB


Airsoft Master got both the Arcturus K9 Series Carbine and CQB  at their store and they put out a video to showcase the features by Mikhail. Welp, He's back and with a new toy that went with my paycheck. Anyways, The Arcturus K9 series limited edition PP19 Vityaz is such a very nice rifle/smg! I mean that RPS though and the internals! The fact that the Arcturus K9 series aeg can go up to 33 Rounds per second is amazing! I wish I had one but unfortunately mine is now taken.

Zenitco Arcturus PP19 At Old Farm CQB Game


AirsoftNEXT brings the Zenitco Arcturus PP19 out to pasture in CQB game. The CQB Site "Stryżew" Near Warsaw Poland and the AEG comes with optical MOSFET from Perun with 11.1v lipo, 0.25g BLS - 1.1J, and mounted on it is the Firefield Reflex Sight FF26023.

USAirsoft: Arcturus MK1 LWT


USAirsoft explains why the Arcturus Airsoft MK1 LWT AEG maybe one of the best beginner guns... "I'll always welcome another great option I can recommend to new airsoft players and this is yet another one of those times.

The Arcturus MK1 LWT ticks all the boxes of traits that make a beginner replica good and I'm gonna prove it with this review.

This $160 M4 just might be one of the best beginner replicas."

Arcturus Sword MOD1 13.5" AEG Overview


Alexander does an overview video of the Arcturus Sword MOD1 13.5" AEG for Airsoft-RUS. The Arcturus Sword MOD1 CQB is a high-performance airsoft rifle packed with features like a quick-change spring system, MOSFET, and durable internal components. It's ready for the field out of the box and can be further customized for top performance.

Arcturus Sword Mod1 AEG Worth It?


Combat Sport Supply give their take on the Arcturus Sword Mod1 AEG that they carry at their store... "The Arcturus Sword Mod 1 Series of Airsoft AEGs are Robust, with a TON of Included Upgrades. Is the Arcturus Sword Series that include an 8", 9.55" and 13" model Worth It? Check out our Review."

Limited Edition Arcturus PP-19 Vityaz "Zenitco" In CQB Action


AirsottNEXT brings the Limited Edition Arcturus PP-19 Vityaz "Zenitco" AEG to use as a primary in a CQB game. The Arcturus' Vityaz replica, building on their reputation for reliable, accurate, and durable airsoft guns. Steel graces the key components like the receiver and stock, while the rest utilizes aluminum and reinforced polymer for a lightweight, corrosion-resistant build.

Arcturus Tactical Arrivals At Land Warrior Sports


Land Warrior Sports sent in news that they receive new stock of airsoft guns from Arcturus Tactical... "Here at Land Warrior Sports, based in Midlothian, Scotland, is a very sought after brand of replicas worth your attention!

Arcturus Tactical, a high-end airsoft replica manufacturer established in 2017 by experienced industry professionals, specialising in all types of RIF's but with a focus on AK variants!

"Why This Airsoft Gun Is Worth $600"


USAirsoft makes the case for the Arcturus PP19 Vityaz PE why its build and performance justifies its price... "The new limited edition Arctururs PP19s have been an amazing treat to review and test these past 4 months. Even with their high end prices, I'll say they're easily worth every penny, even the $600 SP1 Carbine is worth it to me.

NOMAD Custom Fast Trigger Response Arcturus AK01


A demo by NOMAD Airsoft of their custom work for the Arcturus AK01... "NOMAD Customs fast trigger response Ak from a Stock Arcturus AK01. The key concept was to build a fast trigger response AK which sound like a HPA. To achieve this, we've carefully chosen the the parts for it.  We've upgraded only three part of the gearbox."

Arcturus PPK-20 PE AEG Out Of The Box Performance


AirsoftNEXT takes the Arcturus PPK-20 PE AEG that he got from Taiwan Gun for a game to find out how it performs out of the box. Arcturus Tactical has released an updated version of their PP-19 Vityaz submachine gun replica, featuring an optical mosfet, a rate of fire of 25 rounds per second, and new tactical accessories, bringing it closer to the AK-12 standard.

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