Arcturus Sword Lite ME CQB AEG Review


Ranger Rett reviews the Arcturus Sword Lite ME CQB AEG with included gameplay footage. According to him this a durable and lightweight replica with a 9.55" M-LOK rail, a flat trigger, an ambidextrous selector switch, a quick change spring system, an enhanced mosfet, and a 24k RPM motor. It costs $225 and has a unique serial number. It shoots between 330 and 360 FPS. He is very impressed by this replica and tellss you why in this video.

Arcturus K9T Carbine Prototype


Valiant Airsoft shows to us an upcoming AEG from Arcturus with updated information... " The Arcturus K9T Carbine will initially release as a limited 'PE' version featuring a Perun mosfet, 18:1 gearset and a bonded neodymium motor in Q3 of 2023. There will be an additional 'FE' release in the USA to follow, which will feature an ETU system. Retailers can contact [email protected] to carry this limited replica & Novus optics.

Arcturus MK-1 CQB Review & Gameplay By Valiant Airsoft


The Arcturus MK-1 CQB AEG is getting to be the recommended AEG for beginners and those on a budget in 2023. Valiant Airsoft explains why in the video review which also includes a gameplay clip... "This thing is crazy for the price! Definitely top of the list for budget & beginner airsoft guns for 2023."

Arcturus AT-AK12U-PE AEG Coming Soon


A quick look at the Arcturus AT-AK12U-PE AEG which is coming soon to Taiwan Gun... "The AT-AK12U-PE is an improved version of the AT-AK12-PE replica of the Russian automatic rifle of the new Arcturus PE (Performance Enhanced) series with a 2-shot mode and new tactical accessories."

Arcturus Sport MK1 Best For Beginners?


Combat Sport Supply looks at the Arcturus Sport MK1 AEG if it is the best AEG for beginners in 2023... "Is the Arcturus Sport MK1 The Best Beginners Airsoft Gun on the market in 2023? Check out our Airsoft Demo/Review.

We answer that for you as we go over the features and upgrades for the Arcturus Sport MK1. Features Like the Tightbore Barrel, Rotary Hop up, Beefy Gearbox, Mosfet and more."

Arcturus/Begadi AK-12K AEG Review


Golgy, a Sunday Gamer, reviews the Arcturus/Begadi AK-12K AEG (S-AEG for German spec) which Begadi explains as... "We are working with Arcturus on this weapon in order to be able to offer our customers a powerful and durable S-AEG when they buy it. Our reliable Begadi CORE EFCS/Mosfet, the Mamba 19K Super High Torque motor with neodymium magnets, and a PRO HopUp are already installed upon delivery.

ASTKilo23 On The Arcturus AK12 PE Gearbox


ASTKilo23 does a complete review of the ASTKilo23 On The Arcturus AK12 PE gearbox which includes a comparison with the first generaion Arcturus AK12 AEG gearbox... "Arcturus has been making a wave in the Airsoft world with their latest released. The PE model of their AK gearbox is no exception. With quality parts and a range of awesome upgrades, it is a drop in gearbox for many AKs (not just Arcturus) that will instantly boost the performance and features of your AEG.

Arcturus AT-AR10 Karambit VG Dwarf 5.5" AEG


Takuzo gives us a quick look of his very compact Arcturus AT-AR10 Karambit VG Dwarf 5.5" AEG which can be an ideal AEG for CQB games. This fetures CNC POM nozzle with O-ring, CNC steel cylinder nozzle, performance air seal is pre-installed, Deans connector  and has PCP-grade precision Inner barrel. This should be available Arcturus resellers worldwide.

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