BB2K Airsoft: DE Noveske N4 MWS GBB & CYMA FABARM STF12


It's a two-for-one unboxing video by Bruce of BB2K Airsoft as he's got the Double Eagle Noveske N4 MWS GBB and the CYMA FABARM STF12 Gas Shotgun to check out... "I'm unboxing the new Double Eagle Noveske N4 MWS GBB and the Cyma FABARM STF12 Gas Shotgun Airsoft together with you. The Noveske N4 is 100% TM MWS compatible and has all Noveske markings thanks to EMG. The Cyma STF12 is a new edition from Bo Manufacture and replaces the overpriced VFC version. At first glance, this shotgun has nothing to hide.

L'Antre Du Dingo On BO Manufacture's FABARM STF12 Airsoft Shotgun


First introduced by VFC, the FABARM STF12 airsoft shotgun is also sold under BO Manufacture and here is L'Antre Du Dingo to give his take on it. This is a 3-shot shotgun licensed by FABARM SpA, Italy, is highly adaptable and customizable, making it the preferred choice for military, law enforcement, and shooting sports enthusiasts worldwide. Its airsoft replica, designed from scratch by the BO Manufacture team, offers excellent accuracy and consistency in a compact design.

VFC Fabarm STF12 & Tokyo Marui M870 Tactical Shorty Comparison


The Target-1 Shooting Range in Japan does a comparison of the VFC FABARM STF12 & Tokyo Marui M870 Tactical Shorty to see which is better. It is said that the VFC shotgun is based on the Tokyo Marui gas shotgun tech (just like other new airsoft gas shotguns) so will it be comparible or offers something better? Watch the video.

VFC FABARM STF12 Compact Gas Shotgun At ORGA Airsoft


The VFC FABARM STF12 Compact Gas Shotgun, a fully license airsoft shotgun is available in Japan via ORGA Airsoft and here is their take on this compact gas shotgun (machine translated)... "Introducing the only gas shotgun 'FABARM STF12 Compact' in VFC products! It's a shotgun with a really cool design with rails and pistol grip!

BO FABARM STF12 Quick Look


Mach Sakai grabs a shotgun to test and it is the BO Fabarm STF12 Shotgun and we assume VFC to be the OEM for this. This is a fully licensed gas-powered airsoft shotgun said to be based on Marui M870 gas shotgun tech according to some circles as we haven't checked its internals ourselves. He checks it for operation, externals, and just like other quick reviews he makes, a quick steel challenge. Fabarm STF12 CO2 Shotgun


The C02 version of the Fabarm STF12 airsoft shotgun is available now at Matt shows you the shotgun, which uses the Marui gas shotgun system, in this video... "One of the most efficient shotguns in its class, the FABARM STF12 CO2 powered shotgun features the Tokyo Marui multiple shot system combined with the convenience of easy to change 12 gram CO2 cartridges.

Kronos Airsoft: FABARM STF 12 Spring Shotgun


Kronos Airsoft reviews the more affordable version of the FABARM STF 12 airsoft shotgun, the spring version. This airsoft shotgun is fully licensed and has a gas version... "This airsoft shotgun really has it all... looks, build quality and a really good shot to match but can it knock the CYMA CM.355 tactical shotgun off its high horse?"

Nuprol To Distribute Fabarm Airsoft Shotguns


Nuprol announce that they will be carrying fully licensed Fabarm STF/12 Airsoft Shotguns. These are licensed to BO Manufacture from Fabarm and gas and spring versions are available... "News hot from our trip to the IWA 2018! Nuprol are proud to announce that we are now exclusive distributors of Fabarm Airsoft Replicas.

We are starting with the amazing STF Series of shotguns.

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