East Crane EC-202 AEG At Taiwan Gun


Taiwan Gun presents the East Crane EC-202 AEG which is available with MOSFET and programmable MOSFET editions. East Crane (E&C), a well-known Chinese airsoft manufacturer, has partnered with Taiwangun to offer the EC-202, a modular 308 Marksman airsoft rifle with a full metal construction and reinforced polymer stock, grip, and magazine.

East Crane 1911 Custer TAG GBB Pistol Review & Tests


A review of the East Crane 1911 Custer TAG GBB Pistol in stock at Venture Shop in Brazil... "Hey guys!! In today's video, we'll get to know in detail the 1911 Custer TAG GBB pistol manufactured by the famous East Crane. With its cutting-edge technology, this Airsoft is the choice of the most demanding players and we are sure it will impress you. If you're looking for power and quality, this is the gun for you. So, get ready to be amazed!"

East Crane XM177E2 AEG At Airsoft Sport


A quick overview video by Airsoft Sport on the East Crane XM177E2 AEG that they have in stock... "This version has a number of improvements such as steel cylinder, aluminium cylinder head, aluminium nozzle with O-ring, piston with steel comb and damper, and authentic markings on the body."

East Crane EC-909 7.62mm Battle Rifle At Taiwan Gun


A result of cooperation between Taiwan Gun and East Crane is the EC-909 Battle Rifle AEG and Taiwan Gun has made a quick presentation of this AEG... "Announcement of a new airsoft replica created as a result of cooperation between Taiwangun and East Crane companies. It is a 7.62x51mm semi-automatic precision rifle replica that the most talented special forces snipers use when they only have a choice.

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23 Sep 2023

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