Building An Airsoft Gun With Parts From Aliexpress


Isoft talks about their experience in putting together an airsoft gun buy ordering parts from Aliexpress... "Hello everyone, We're meeting for a big video which aims to build an airsoft replica with parts from AliExpress. And you will see that through this epic we will encounter a lot of problems. In any case I hope you like this video. Good luck to all Airsoftement!

Specna Arms M249 Para AEG Presentation


Isoft does a walkthrough of the various features of the Specna Arms SA-249 PARA CORE AEG that is available at Gunfire. With the receiver made of polymer, it is lighter than the other M249 para AEGs in the market and it comes with a foldable steel bipod, adjustable stock, quick barrel disassembly, and a 2500 BB round box magazine.

ICS Airsoft PDW9 AEG Presentation


A good performing AEG for CQB games, Isoft presents the PDW9 AEG from ICS Airsoft in this video (in French)... "Hello everyone, We meet for a new video and this time for the presentation of an AEG. The PDW9 from ICS. Hope you enjoy this video."

ASG Storm 360 Presentation By Isoft


Isoft presents in this video the newest airsoft grenade in the market, the ASG Storm 360. Find out if it meets your needs for room clearing in CQB games... "Hello everyone, We meet again for a new video and this time for the presentation of a new grenade. The STORM 360 distributed by ASG."

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