New Hydration Pack From WoSport


WoSport sent in another product announcement showing their Hydration Pack or what they call "Drinking System". It is based on the familiar hydration system that come with the hydration bag and water bladder. The bladder has MOLLE loops to attach other MOLLE pouches or can be readily attach on harnesses. It is available in Black, Tan and Multicam.

WoSport 3000 BB Round Speedloader


WoSport announce their own high capacity speedloader. It is comprised of two parts of the BB bottle where you load your BBs which you then attached to the hand-cranked loader. It can also be adapter to load an M4 midcap AEG magazine. It is available inn 5 colours: black, multicam, tan, limpid, and black multicam.

Of course, many will point out its uncanny resemblance to the Odin M12 Sidewinder Speedloader.

WoSport Releases Flight Helmet II


WoSport sends in news about the availabilith of the WoSport Flight Helmet II which you can order on Alibaba. Compared to Flight Helmet I, it has an ear protection area like the MICH TC-2000. Other features are a chin strap, strong and tough buckle, soft leather padding, velcro strap to adjust to head circumference, nylon, belt and buckle to adjust the chin strap.

WoSport 2nd Gen Cigarette Pouch


Needing a better way to carry your cigs and lighter to the field than using your side pockets and admin pouches? WoSport got a dedicated cigarete and lighter pouch now on its second generation. It can be installed on MOLLE loops or belt strap, with a Velcro base to attach a morale patch and is available in four colours: Black, Tan, CP, and OD.

New Tactical Grip From WoSport


WoSport sent in news about their new Tactical Grip made for 20mm rails. To be used for the under rail or 6 o'clock rail of handguards, it is available in black and tan versions. Made of Nylon, it weighs 170 grams and will start shipping in Winter 2019. Should be good for those looking for a new look for their foregrips.

New Armour Suit From WoSport


Suit up! You can say that literally with this new Armour Suit from WoSport. Made for Cosplay or Airsoft use, as it does not offer ballistic protection, it is available in Black, Tan, Grey, and CP. It weighs a total of 2.5 kg and the "armour" covers the chest, back, shoulder, elbow, and crotch. It can be used with the Devtac-style mask to complete the look.

New WoSport 4.5mm BB Speedloader


WoSport will be releasing in winter 2019 their 4.5mm BB speedloader. This has a capacity of 250 BBs and is made of ABS. It comes with 4 adapters and can load 8 BBs at a single press. The adapters are made to fit Walther CP99 Compact, Walther PPK/S, Beretta Elite II,  S&W M&P and more. It also has a locking mechanism to avoid losing BBs when not in use. It will be available in Black and Limpid/transparent colours.

MICH 2000 Helmet From WoSport


A replica of the MICH 2000 Helmet for airsoft and cosplay has been released by WoSport. Available in Black, Olive Drab, Tan and Grey, it has high-elastic buffer sponge pad for shock and press reduction and a quick release buckle. As this is a replica, it offers no ballistic protection. Check with your retailer if they already have this in stock.

Recyclable Training Tent By WoSport


WoSport announce the release of their Recyclable Training Tent which can be used as a BB collector when doing some airsoft shooting at the range, whether indoor or outdoor, or even at home provided that you have space for it. This makes it easier cleaning up after the training as most, if not all of the BBs, will be collected inside the tent before they are binned, depending on how accurate the shooter is at hitting the target that comes bundled with it.

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