Bullpup KCO2 Rifle


PewClub Entertainment built a builtpup KCO2 airsoft rifle with the SRU kit... "This SRU bullpup kit for the ASG /KJ KCO2 thrilling your Si-Fi fantasy. Light weight and balance design ideal for CQB also perfect for woodland and outdoor. Powered by the Primary Airsoft HPA adapter makes it even more unstoppable."

AK105 Bullpup AEG Airsoft #2


Another presentation by Ben en 3D of a 3D printed AK105 Bullpup kit. FThis eye-catching custom AK105 "Kochevnik" bullpup conversion kit boasts a unique and divisive design, featuring a durshlag flash hider. The kit includes all components for installation on specific airsoft models, but requires irreversible modifications and technical expertise. For optimal performance, professional engine cage installation is recommended.

The Battle Of The Bullpups


From the high-tech Steyr AUG to the Croatian-made Hellion with its unique downward ejection, Classic Firearms presents a diverse lineup of bullpup rifles, each offering its own blend of maneuverability, reliability, and features. Whether you prioritize pure efficiency like the KelTec RDB or futuristic upgrades like the Desert Tech MDRx, there's a bullpup in this comparison fit for every shooter's style and needs.

A3 Tactical Triad AR15 Bullpup Kit


The Bargain Bin Tactician demonstrates how to use the A3 Tactical Triad bullpup kit for the AR15... "Today were taking a look at the A3 Tactical Triad, an AR15 bullpup conversion kit based around bufferless upper recievers. The kit we're looking at today is specifically for the Foxtrot Mike series of bufferless uppers. Grab a snack and settle in, this is a rad little kit!"

3D Printed AK105 Custom Bullpup AEG Project Part 1


BEN and 3D shows his 3D Printed AK105 Custom Bullpup AEG and you can find his 3D printed airsoft projects at his website... " This is not a weapon but a toy intended for airsoft. First video to talk about a Custom Bullpup based on AK105 made by BENen3D."

4UAD ASMR: GHK G5 + SRU Bullpup Kit


For a relaxing day in airsoft, here's an ASMR episode from the guys of 4UAD Smart Airsoft. This episode show them the earliest GBB rifle from GHK Airsoft, the G5 Gas Blowback Rifle, in which they fit it in the SRU Bullpup Kit. Is it something you dig for a gas blowback bullpup with a futuristic look? Watch the video.

BunnyCustom Kochevnik Bullpup AK GBB


BunnyWorkshop in Hong Kong got a ready custom gun, the BunnyCustom Kochevnik Bullpup AK Gas Blowback Rifle. Based on the GHK AK105 GBB System they equipped it with a TWI Kochevnik Bullpup Kit V2 for GHK AK AK105 GBBR, Maple Leaf CNC Hop Up Chamber, Maple Leaf Crazy Jet Inner barrel, and a Hephaestus CNC Steel Fire Control Parts Set.

BB2K Airsoft IWA 2022: GM6 Lynx Semi Auto 50 BMG Bullpup


If you want a bullpup airsoft gun based a 50BMG gun, then this IWA 2022 - GM6 Lynx Semi Auto 50 BMG Bullpup featured by BB2K Airsoft may just be the one you want done. It looks like Bruce had an orgasm holding it... "There are things that you only experience once. In Germany to have the opportunity to pick up a GM6 Lynx. This dream came true at the Carpathia Global booth.

Sniper Kazu's Bullpup VSR & PDI Bolt Action M4


Some people do have a lot of time in their hands to make some custom airsoft guns. In this video Airsoft V4 tries Sniper Kazu's Bullpup VSR and PDI Bolt Action M4. The bullpup VSR is understandable, but a bolt action M4 might leave you scratching your head in wonder... "At the event 'Airsoft War', I borrowed a bolt action M4 under development from Bullpup VSR and PDI for Sniper Kazu, so I tried to put in a Sabage!

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