SpeedQB Practice in Indonesia With SonicQB Airsoft Team


SpeedQB is alive in Indonesia as SpeedQB.com puts on the spotlight on a local team, SonicQB... "SpeedQB practice montage by Nico Santoso of SonicQB Airsoft Team.  Filmed at One Strike Arena in Jakarta, Indonesia shout out to all the SpeedQB players in Asia!"

SpeedQB 2v2 Gunfight Invitationals Summer Season 2020


SpeedQB got an 2v2 invitational tournament this summer and the winners get to go to Europe for the Global finals in November... "Champion wins a trip to the 2020 SpeedQB Global Invitationals at Realstrike Arena Helenaveen, The Netherlands - November 19-22, 2020 (Round-trip travel and entry - up to five players per team)

TM M870 Airsoft Shotgun Gameplay


SpeedQB Official on YouTube shows SYG's Marty using the Marui M870 airsoft shotgun during a game at Tac City Airsoft. Whilst it's a much admire airsoft shotgun, there are few videos out there showing it action... "SYG Marty running shotguns with his twin SosaMcMosa during public games at Tac City Airsoft, Southern California."

SpeedQB European Championships Throwback


SpeedQB.com got a quick throwback video of the SpeeqQB European Championship that took place in Rotterdam in October 2019... "SpeedQB Europe Season kicked off last weekend, here's a quick throwback montage from the Championship at Dreamhack, Rotterdam last year. Shoutout to all the teams in Europe holding it down!"

KWA MVP & SpeedQB Tourney 2019 Highlights


SpeedQB posted the video about the SpeedQB National Championships 2019 and about the selection of the KWA MVP for the tournament... "Sapo and Tom from KWA breakdown key highlights and select the MVP from the 2019 SpeedQB National Championships held at Project N1 in Los Angeles, California.

SYG Airsoft SpeedQB European Championship


This is the video montage put together by SYG Airsoft who bagged second place at the SpeedQB European Championship that took place in October 2019.... "An inside look into our experience traveling to the Netherlands to compete in the 2019 SpeedQB European Championships at DreamHack, against the top 23 teams from all over Europe.

S2N SpeedQB 2019 European Champions


Second to None (S2N) team mainly comprised of Belgians are crowned as the Champions of the SpeedQB European Championships last month... "Congratulations to Second 2 None (@S2N.speedqb), our 2019 SpeedQB European Champions!  S2N battled 23 teams from EU and USA, winning the title after two days of intense competition held at DreamHack Rotterdam. S2N faced off against 2018 USA SpeedQB Champs SYG Airsoft in the finals, coming out on top after 2 matches, 6 rounds of heat. A well-deserved win and an amazing performance all weekend by the S2N crew!

How SpeedQB Started Documentary


How did the SpeedQB start? Watch this documentary from SpeedQB to learn about the history of the game... "This is the first episode of our SpeedQB Documentary Series. This series is all about the teams and players of our community. We start at our beginning, how SpeedQB started.

In Ep.1: Eric ($apo) rides shotgun with Ben, one of the founders of the original Molon Labe airsoft team. They talk about the origins of ML, origins of SYG, and how the competitive airsoft scene developed here in Southern California...becoming the sport and culture SpeedQB is today."

SpeedQB Project N1 LA Highlights


Another SpeedQB tournament to watc and this took place at Project N1 in Los Angeles last month... "Highlights from the September event at Project N1 in Los Angeles. Full round key matchups coming this week. Shout out to KWA and Project N1 for supporting our community. One more event in October before the Championships in Nov, hosted at N1.

KWA is the official sponsor of the September Los Angeles Event + Live Stream."

SpeedQB Tournament At BLKFOX Airsoft Field


SpeedQB tourneys are also being held in Japan and here is an event that took place at the BLKFOX Survival Game Field in Tokyo... "SpeedQB Tournament hosted at BLKFOX Airsoft Field in Tokyo. Congrats to team OMEGA for coming out on top. A big thank you to KSC (KWA) for supporting our SpeedQB family in Japan."

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