As Exclusive Importer of SpeedQB For CZ & SK


Airsoft players and speedsofters in the Czechia/Czech Republic and Slovakia looking to order for SpeedQB products can visit at they have been appointed as the exclusive importer for their countries... "SpeedQB - High speed airsoft action, real-life video game. has become the exclusive importer for the airsoft love brand SpeedQB® and Tomin will present to you what assortment you will find in our shop."

SpeedQB Gel Ball Team Based In Beijing


We don't know if Gel Blasters are actually legal in China given that airsoft is not being played there and that they share same principle as airsoft. In this video from SpeedQB, they feature a Gel Ball team called "tRue"... "Our channel is for our SpeedQB community around the world. In addition to our live streams and original productions, we share the videos we love to give teams and players the shine they deserve."

Grey Airsoft's First SpeedQB Experience


Video from showing Grey Airsoft trying out SpeedQB at the Realstrike Arena in the Netherlands as team spotlight feature promoting the airsoft sport... "First timer experience jumping into SpeedQB pickup games at Realstrike Area, a Tier 1 SpeedQB Competition Field.  Video by Grey Airsoft CQB."

Japan SpeedQB Qualifiers 2020


SpeedQB has firmly planted its feet in Japan with more teams taking up the competitive sport. BlkFox Airsoft Field posted a short video showing ther Japan SpeedQB Qualifying Tournament that they hosted in early August 2020... "It was cool that everyone summarized the Japn speed QB tournament held in the field the other day."

Tiger of STS Airsoft Team


SpeedQB features a Speedsoft player from Thailand, Tiger, who plays for the STS Airsoft Team. If your team is into Speedsoft, you might want to send a clip to them so you can be featured... "SpeedQB session montage by Tiger of STS Airsoft team. Filmed at CQB City Center in Thailand."

Gel Blaster SpeedQB Build


Gel Blasters are being customised for use in SpeedQB which Aussie gel blaster users will do since they cannot play SpeedQB with airsoft guns being illegal in the Land Down Under. Gelball Undercover shows you one in this video... "This is a custom full metal blaster for our sponsored team "Aussie Elite" These boys are almost undefeated and an amazingly friendly team, today Benny puts together a masterpiece for one of the boys on the team! CHECK IT OUT !

SpeedQB Practice in Indonesia With SonicQB Airsoft Team


SpeedQB is alive in Indonesia as puts on the spotlight on a local team, SonicQB... "SpeedQB practice montage by Nico Santoso of SonicQB Airsoft Team.  Filmed at One Strike Arena in Jakarta, Indonesia shout out to all the SpeedQB players in Asia!"

SpeedQB 2v2 Gunfight Invitationals Summer Season 2020


SpeedQB got an 2v2 invitational tournament this summer and the winners get to go to Europe for the Global finals in November... "Champion wins a trip to the 2020 SpeedQB Global Invitationals at Realstrike Arena Helenaveen, The Netherlands - November 19-22, 2020 (Round-trip travel and entry - up to five players per team)

TM M870 Airsoft Shotgun Gameplay


SpeedQB Official on YouTube shows SYG's Marty using the Marui M870 airsoft shotgun during a game at Tac City Airsoft. Whilst it's a much admire airsoft shotgun, there are few videos out there showing it action... "SYG Marty running shotguns with his twin SosaMcMosa during public games at Tac City Airsoft, Southern California."

SpeedQB European Championships Throwback

OptimusPrime got a quick throwback video of the SpeeqQB European Championship that took place in Rotterdam in October 2019... "SpeedQB Europe Season kicked off last weekend, here's a quick throwback montage from the Championship at Dreamhack, Rotterdam last year. Shoutout to all the teams in Europe holding it down!"

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