6mm Media: ICS Airsoft Peleador Review


6mm Media give their take on the ICS Airsoft Peleador AEG. This AEG takes its name from the Spanish word that means "Fighter"... "Check out this review on the ICS Peleador. Wait till the end of the video, because we are giving the Peleador away.

6mm Media: Will This End Cheating?


6mm Media still got some videos from IWA Outdoor Classics 2019 and they go over the BB hit sensing system on display at the RedWolf Airsoft booth. This will be released under the RWA brand so stay tuned for more information in the future... "Cheating in airsoft, it is a problem or for some  a way to get a lot of views on youtube, but could this be solved, or better yet can you combine Battle Royale game play to airsoft?"

6mm Media: GBLS DAS GDR15


6mm Media goes "balls deep" in this review of the GBLS DAS GDR15 AEG, probably the other AEG that competes with the Systema PTW in terms of price... "If you want to know more about the airsoft gun that everybody is talking about be sure to watch this video! We got an exclusive look into the gearbox of this brutal piece of hardware! Go check it out.

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6mm Media: Border War XI "Release The Kraken"


6mm Media just released their video taken from the Border War XI that took place last month... "We bring you some great footage with some nice in game action of Border War XI.

Border War is the biggest milsim game in Europe. A part of this video has been shot with the awesome 'SIONYX Aurora' nightvision camera."

6MM Media: ASG Most Epic Gun 2019


6mm Media posts a video at the IWA 2018 Booth of ASG... "The most fun interviews at the IWA we always have with Thomas from ASG.  In 2017 we almost couldn't stop laughing, thanks to Gambit from Redwolf airsoft dropping by. This year wasn’t any different.

But in this video you can see

6MM Media: B&A Airsoft Market 2017


6MM Media has a report on the Balls & Arrows Airsoft Market 2017 that took place last 28 May 2017 in Lelystad, The Netherlands... "6MMM was present at the Tactical Loadout stand at the Balls & Arrows Airsoft Market 2017. We did a little video report on this event. Did you go? Maybe you're in it. You didn't go? Shame on you! :P Than have a look too and see what you missed!

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