G&G Type 64 BR AEG Remote Control


The G&G Type 64 BR AEG can be programmed with a remote control that is sold separately... "Fine-tune your Type 64 BR AEG with a press of a button! Simply press a button to effortlessly program your AEG for a 3 or 5 round burst. Additionally, you can program the trigger's sensitivity for lightweight trigger pulls. These functions are currently exclusive to the G&G Type 64 BR AEG. Now available worldwide."

Golandec: Airsoft Bomb With Remote Control


Golandec Airsoft features a remotely controlled airsoft bomb up to 80 metres in range in this video... "Basmachi expands its line, and we have to review the new straykbol'naya pyrotechnics - a land mine on the remote actuation. Through radio control, antenna and transmitter, you can blow out of the bomb shelter. Your opponents will be 'murdered' submunitions in the ordinary airsoft grenades (peas, balls, corn)."

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