PolarStar Jack Vs Mancraft PDiK


A battle of HPA engines. Woodland Raiders for a comparison of the PolarStar Airsoft Jack and the Mancraft PDiK... "Comparison of the operation of the newly purchased HP replica with the Polar Star Jack engine and the Mancraft Pdik gen3 air motor.

In the video you can see that the engine operating on the principle of a solenoid valve gives better repeatability when shooting than the Mancraft pneumatic device.

PolarStar Gen 3 Fusion Engine Install


An interesting a video from Black-ARC Airsoft Team in putting together an HPA-powerd airsoft rifle. Using the PolarStar Gen 3 Fusion Engine as the HPA enghiner, this uses parts from G&P, PTS Syndicate, Angry Gun, ProWin, Lonex, Magpul, and Surefire. Find out what the finished product is in the video below.

Black-Arc Airsoft Team is a team of architects based in Southern California.

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