SOMOGEAR PEQ-15 vs Real PEQ-15


The SOMOGEAR aiming devices for airsoft are based on real world device use are getting good reviews. But will their PEQ-15 replica be as good as the real deal? Desk Pop tries to find out... "Is the compress Just as good as your military Peq-15? We put these affordable illuminates to the test to see if you should spend your $250 schmekles on one!"

"Airsoft PEQ15 Beats A Real One"


Brass Facts finds the SOMOGear PEQ15 for airsoft is a good one. Find out why in this video... "Finally putting  this video  out. The Somogear PEQq15. While not something I'd personally put on a primary rifle, it certainly is  something that  should make Steiner/L3 sweat.

G&G M.I.T. Unit With PEQ15


G&G Armament announce their Military Intelligence Tracer Unit (M.I.T.) that comes with a PEQ15 Battery Box and Laser Pointer... "Play smarter with the G&G Military Intelligence Tracer (M.I.T.) unit. By installing M.I.T unit to an airsoft replica, the firing range can be increased up to 150 meters when using in conjunction with the G&G M.I.T helmet and sensor vest. In addition, the M.I.T. has multiples uses such as a chronometer, tracer unit, and BB counter.

G&P PEQ15 Dual Pointer Laser/IR Review


BadaBing Pictures reviews a newer PEQ15 box released by G&P G&P which comes with laser and IR illuminator. This has a buttom and wire remote control switch with the switch giving five different options... "G&P's more recently released PEQ15. Here is a brief review of it and it's features."

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