AW Custom Hi-Capa HX Series HPA


Sniper Airsoft Supply got some HPA-powered AW Custom Hi-Capa HX pistols available at their store... "We have the AW Custom Hi-Capa HX Series as HPA and with that you have the perfect Airsoft Backup! Because HPA has it all! We introduce you to the advantages and disadvantages of HPA, test the AW Custom HX HPA and compare it with the gas variant. Finally you can use a Hi-Capa as a backup in winter when playing airsoft!

AW Custom VX0110 Hex Cut GBB At Sniper-AS


Sniper Airsoft Supply features the AW Custom VX0110 Hex Cut GBB in this video and they have it in stock... "Dennis shows you the VX0110 Hex Cut GBB Airsoft, a mega awesome Airsoft pistol! We also test the GBB in the review. We shoot at 20m, 25m and 30m! Use a GBB at cold temperatures such as 2°C? This works out! With the new Vorsk Performance Gas you don't have to hide your GBB Airsoft anymore!

AW Custom Gamme VX Overview By Cybergun


A very quick look at the AW Custom Gamme VX Gas Blowback Pistol by Cybergun... "To each his own taste, to each his own VX. There are 24 unique GBBs are available thanks to the strong collaboration with AW Custom! It uses a standard VSR inner barrel (97 mm and 91 mm) and hop-up bucking and has a muzzle velocity of nearly 280 fps with Swiss Arms' 130 PSI Green Gas, approx. 0.8 J.

Geonox Airsoft: AW Custom Cybergun 1911 Squadron


The AW Custom Cybergun 1911 Airsoft GBB Pistol, with the shark look gets reviewed by Geonox Airsoft... "In this video we look at the 1911 Squadron from AW Custom and Cybergun. It is a GBB. GBB stands for gas blowback. That means it is operated with gas and with every shot you have blowback through the slide, which moves backwards.

AW Custom VX Series Conversion Kit Overview


TD-Airsoft got in stock the AW Custom VX Series Conversion Kit. Made of polymer this is compatible with the AW Custom and WE Airsoft G17 and G18 gas blowback pistol and probably can be made to fit the Tokyo Marui version. Other features are a folding skeleton stock and integrated front and rear sights.

AW Custom P90 Gas Blowback Demo


AZsports Airsoft & Paintball in Brazil demonstrates the P90 GBB PDW from AW Custom which looks like is available only in Brazil. This is licensed and has a fast cyclic rate with the BBS fed by a 50 BB round magazine. As it is a gas blowback, it gives a strong blowback... "Demonstration of P90 GBBR (AW CUSTOM) held at Base Airsoft Field."

VOC Airsoft: AW Full-Auto Hi-Capa HPA Rig & More


VOC Airsoft talks about HPA stuff from AW Custom in this video... "Welcome to the HPA in Hong Kong series. This series aims to introduce newer players to some of the lesser-known airsoft products. Besides that, we would also like to answer the frequently asked questions and dismiss some of the popular myths.

This video will focus on the fully automatic Hi-capa (HX 2231) from Armorer Works and the Dominator international HPA adapter."

Armorer Works VX Series Review


AirsoftLab SK-CZ goes over the Armorer Works (or AW Custom) VX series of airsoft gas blowback pistols... "This time we looked at the airsoft novelty in Europe from the Armorer Works VX series. Is it an improved G-series from WE? How is the compatibility of parts?"

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