AW M4 Magazine HPA Complete Adapter


AW Custom has recently launched their M4 Magazine HPA Complete Adapter, which is designed for their HX series and compatible Gas Blow Backs (GBBs). This adapter is compatible with a variety of series including AW HX, RD, DS, UT, CM, PV, and SV, as well as the WE Hi Capa Series. The package includes a 300-round M4 AEG magazine, and it's noteworthy that it is compatible with most third-party M4 AEG magazines.

Airsoft Zeel: AW Custom HX 2003


The AW Custom HX 2003 GBB pistol, reviewed by Airsoft Zeel in the Philippines, boasts a full metal slide and upper frame. It features an enlarged competition-style grip with a honeycomb pattern and a flared magwell to enhance reloading. The pistol is equipped with a left-side safety and a functioning beaver tail safety. Its exaggerated front and rear slide serrations facilitate easy weapon manipulation, even on the run or with gloves.

AW Custom EMG X TTI Combat Master Alpha


A new GBB pistol from AW Custom for fans for Taran Tactical Innovations to put into their shopping list. The AW Custom EMG X TTI Combat Master Alpha is a fully licensed product by EMG/TTI, complete with markings. It comes with an RMR Spec optic plate and the slide has predrilled holes for an optic frame mount. The model features a large compensator and a machined stippled grip for enhanced control.

Armorer Works VX7310 Polymer80 With MOS Unboxing


Another unboxing and test video by Redmantoys Airsoft covering the Armorer Works VX7310 Polymer80 With MOS gas blowback pistol. The Armorer Works VX7310 Polymer80 with MOS is a semi-automatic, 134A/Green Gas powered gas blowback pistol. It features a metal slide and a polymer frame, along with a metal outer barrel that has markings. The pistol is equipped with fixed front and rear sights. One of its notable features is the ultra-light recoil, which allows for crisp and agile blowback cycling.

AW Custom DESERT EAGLE Gas Drum Magazine


If you are looking for a high-capacity gas drum magazine for your Desert Eagle gas blowback pistol, you might be interested in the latest product from AW Custom. The AW Custom Gas Drum Magazine for Desert Eagle Gas Blowback Pistols can hold up to 350 rounds and has a manual winding system. It also comes with shockproof pads that you can customize to fit your preferences. This magazine is compatible with AW/WE DE Series Variants and uses green gas as the power source.

Desert Eagle Gas Drum Magazine From AW Custom


AW Custom has introduced a new enhancement to the Desert Eagle Gas Blowback Pistol - the Desert Eagle Drum Magazine. This high-capacity magazine can hold up to 350 rounds, significantly reinforcing the firepower of the pistol. It features a manual winding system and comes with customizable shockproof pads for added durability and user comfort. The magazine is compatible with AW / WE DE Series Variants, making it a versatile addition to your arsenal.

L'Antre Du Dingo's EMG/AWC TTI Pit Viper Review


Another TTI Pit Viper reviewed by L'Antre Du Dingo and he covers the version from EMG/AW Custom. The EMG TTI John Wick 4 PIT VIPER GBB Pistol is a fully licensed replica of the pistol used in the movie "John Wick 4". It features enlarged control surfaces for faster access and ambidextrous safeties, making it ideal for speed and competition shooting. It also has an extended magazine release for quick reloads. The pistol is said to have ergonomics and handling, thanks to the high-quality stippling on the grips.

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