Double Eagle M66 BASR Available At Sniper-AS


Sniper-AS tests how far the reach of the Double Eagle M66 airsoft sniper rifle is in this video... "The Double Eagle M66 Sniper Rifle Airsoft manages 80 meters and costs only 279 euros! Testing the Airsoft Sniper Rifle: We shoot the Double Eagle Sniper Rifle at 70 and 80 meters. And what can you expect here for 279 euros? Check it out!"

The Great Airsoft Grenade Comparison


Sniper-AS does a comparison of the airsoft grenades in the market, including the new Storm D-Tonator Grenade... "THE BIG AIRSOFT GRENADES COMPARISON! We test the new Storm D-Tonator Grenade and compare it with 4 other airsoft grenades. Comparing the Tornado 2, E-RAZ, 360 Storm, Storm Apocalypse and the new Storm D-Tonator Grenade. Don't miss our airsoft grenade test!"

OnlyGuns: Lancer Tactical Hybrid Series


Quick look at the Lancer Tactical Hybrid Series in this video by OnlyGuns of Sniper-AS... "The Lancer Tactical Hybrid Series is perfect for Airsoft beginners. The Blackbird Hybrid, Vigor Hybrid and Strident Hybrid already have ETU and Mosfet installed ex works. In addition, a spring quick-change system, a version 2 metal gearbox, a handguard and metal outer barrel."

Lancer Tactical M4 Gen2 Available At Sniper-AS


A quick overview by Sniper-AS of the new Lancer Tactical M4 Gen2 which they have in stock... "The Lancer Tactical M4 Gen 2 is finally here! A new airsoft for beginners. With ETU, Mosfet and spring quick-change system, the new Lancer Tactical M4 Gen 2 are really well suited for airsoft beginners! They only cost 219 euros and offer a pleasant start to airsoft sports. What do you think of the Lancer Tactical M4 Gen 2?"

New AW Custom Hi-Capa Gas Blowback Pistol Models


A very quick look of some of the latest AW Custom Hi-Capa Gas Blowback Pistols that are based on the Hi-Capa design as presented by OnlyGuns of Sniper-AS... "We have new AW Custom Hi Capa models in our shop. HX2701, HX2702, HX2712. Which of these Airsoft pistols do you like best?"

Sniper-AS: VFC BCM Air MCMR Gas Blowback Rifle


Sniper-AS finds the VFC BCM Air MCMR Gas Blowback Rifle to be awesome in this video review... "The VFC BCM MCMR GBBR is a gas rifle airsoft and really cool! In our Airsoft review we see and feel the juicy recoil! Good GBBR Airsoft are just fun. And the VFC BCM MCMR GBBR Airsoft is definitely one of them. Gas Blow Back Rifle Action at it's finest!"

Sniper-AS: AW Custom Hi-Capa HX27 GBB Pistol


Is the new AW Custom Hi-Capa HX27 GBB Pistol the ideal airsoft pistol? Sniper-AS talk about this pistol in this video... "Finally NEW AW Custom Hi Capa models again! Brand NEW is the Hi Capa HX27 series from AW Custom. Is this the ideal airsoft gun? We'll find out in our review! Do you own AW Custom airsoft pistols? What do you think of the new AW Custom models? In the review we also test the 5.1 and the 4.3 Hi Capa. Which airsoft of the HX27 series do you like best?"

Sniper-AS: Get Started With Valken


In their beginners guide, Sniper-AS talk about Valken as starter airsoft guns and gear... "Your first airsoft beginner guide should be this video! With Valken Airsoft you can really take off. Valken offers everything an airsoft beginner needs. In this beginner's guide, we present the airsoft products that you don't necessarily need, but that we warmly recommend. And Valken offers a lot of useful things that are cheap and yet of high quality."

The Best Lancer Tactical AEGs For Beginners


Sniper-AS got some recommendations on what Lancer Tactical AEGs that newbies should get... "Lancer Tactical + Airsoft, these words belong together. The Lancer Tactical Hybrids are the best Lancer Tactical Airsoft guns for beginners! Whether Vigor Hybrid, Blackbird Hybrid or Strident Hybrid, LT won't let beginners down.

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