Alecmac111 Got Scammed In Airsoft Trading


There are always risks in airsoft trading since there is always that someone who wants to scam another one of his hard-earned airsoft gun. Alecmac111 explains his experience... "Story time today! Getting scammed in airsoft trades sucks, but it happened to me today! Hopefully you guys learned something from me.

Proverbs 27:19 'As water reflects the face, so one's life reflects the heart."

Elcan Spectre DR Replica Review


Alecmac111 is back from his hiatus and talks about this Elcan Spectre DR replica for airsoft use that he thinks is the best replica in the market. Reticle colour can be changed from green to red and also adusted for magnification with 4x magnification.

"Coolest Attachment In Airsoft?"


Alecmac111 talks about the AT1000 and Lighter Tracer Units from Acetech if it is the coolest attachment in airsoft. Acetech says it is illuminates the brightest tracer rounds in the world and 20,000 rounds can pass through with the use of 4 AAA alkaline batteries. This can support both green and red tracer BBs.

"Best Airsoft Rifle Under $200?"


Is the Lancer Tactical Warlord M4 the best airsoft gun under US$200? Alecmac111 tries to find out of the Warlord AEG brings more to the table than your average affordable M4 AEG in this video. If you are on a mission to purchase an airsoft AEG under US$200 then you might want to watch this video if you want to include this AEG in your shopping list.

"The Perfect Airsoft Rifle" Custom Build


Alecmac111 shows his work of love and calls it his "Perfect Airsoft Rifle". Find out i the video how put this custom airsoft rifle, which took him two years, in this video... "I have been working on this build for over 2 years. This is its final form and I think it is the most functional, bb slaying machine I have ever used. I am so humbled to have such an incredible audience like you guys. Thanks for being a part of the alecmac111 family!"

Alecmac111: 5 Richest Airsoft YouTubers


Alecmac111 does his own Top 5 list and this should be interesting as it is a top 5 list of the richest airsoft YouTube celebrities. We're pretty sure you have already someone in mind but bear watching the video to find out how he came up with the list. Our channel is not included in the list, and yes, we are as poor as a church mouse, and we are nowhere near these guys, based on Alecmac111's metrics.

Airsoft Innovations Oil Pump Review


Alecmac111 reviews another Airsoft Innovations product, the Oil Pump Kit. This product helps in the refilling process with the Airsoft Innovations GunGas Propane Adaptor Kit by directly injecting silicone oil into the propane tank. This is a convenient way of having your magazine lubricated especially when you forget to lubricate your gas magazine.

3-Pound PolarStar Airsoft Gun Build


With his YouTube Channel now having 30k subscribers and over 3.5 million cumulative video views, Alecmac111, shows off his latest build, a lightweight airsoft rifle. Built with PolarStar Airsoft as the engine to power this airsoft rifle, he claims that it is the lightest PolarSat build ever. Watch the video below to find out how he was able to achieve such lightweight airsoft rifle.

Airsoft Innovations GasCan Review


Alecmac111 reviews the Airsoft Innovations GasCan. This product is not available anymore at the Airsoft Innovations website but many airsoft players who have bought this found it a very useful tool to bring to the field. It is safer to carry as it has a better wall as compared to existing airsoft gas tanks and can be used in carrying propane for those who prefer using it for their gas blowbacks.

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