How To Make Your Airsoft Look New


Want to give your airsoft gun the fresh like new look? Dr Pepper Airsoft shows you how plus tips on how to remove paint on your airsoft gun... "Hey Guys! Coming out with another awesome video for ya' In this video I am showing a quick how to on cleaning and getting rid of all that junky old paint that you want off of your airsoft guns. 3 minute airsoft tips and tricks. If you enjoyed...Let me know!"

Tom's Airsoft Channel: Multicam Paintjob


Tom's Airsoft Channel shows how to do a guccicam paintjob on your airsoft gun using Fosco Farbspray Army Paint and Landscape Multicam Stencil that are available at "Hey guys, in today's video we’ll look at how you can paint your gun in a multicam look."

Quarantine Boredom Project: Painting An M249 AEG


If you're holed up at home as lockdown due to the pandemic is still very much in force with nothing to do, then here is a project that you might want to do --- giving an M249 AEG a paintjob provided that you have one and the tools to do it, or else you might have to order these online first. DRZ Productions show you how to do this project...

ASGI: How To Paint Your Airsoft Gun


Airsoft GI released videos to give airsoft players a guide in painting their airsoft guns. The first video is about preparing the airsoft gun for the paintjob then by actualy painting or airbrushing it. The third video is for those who prefer to give their airsoft guns a weathered look. Watch all three videos below:

How We Paint Our Airsoft Equipment


Artajerjes Productions Airsoft shows you how they paint their airsoft equipment with Krylon... "Very good to all with this video tutorial we begin the section workshop of the channel where you will find information on how to make improvements, maintenances or customizations of our team.

Mesh Mask Paintjob Howto By Storm Airsoft


Storm Airsoft produces a video to help you with your paintjob project on your airsoft mesh mask... "In this video I'm gonna walk you through on how to paint your mesh mask exactly the same way as I do mine. A lot of airsofters have asked me how I did it and or where I got my mask. This video will turn your boring generic airsoft mask into a weapon that'll make your opponents (or even teammates) fear you on the Airsoft Battlefield. Enjoy!"

Paint Your Airsoft Gun With DuraCoat


Paint your airsoft gun in Desert Camo using DuraCoat in this howto video by Tightbore Airsoft... "Here's a quick guide on how to prepare and spray paint your airsoft guns for an realistic Desert Camo look. Josh from Tightbore uses a tree branch wrap technique and DuraCoat paint to get a solid Desert Camo look on his airsoft rifles. Please leave a Like and Comment if you found this tutorial to be helpful!"

Novritsch: How To Paint An Airsoft Gun


Another tutorial for the world famous airsoft sniper right now. Novritsch shows how to do a paint job on an airsoft sniper rifle. If you are novice and want to be like him, it won't hurt if you want this video as you will learn a thing or two before going to the field with an airsoft sniper rifle... "A video guide / tutorial on how to paint a sniper gun. The paintjob is done with only 2 camouflage spray paints."

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