Airsoft GI: Jag Arms GMX 2B GBB Pistol


A quick 1-minute review by Airsoft GI of the Jag Arms GMX 2B Gas Blowback Pistol which they have in stock... "The Jag Arms GMX series of gas blowback airsoft pistols are the new hotness to hit the GBB Airsoft pistol market. Designed with both form and function in mind the GMX pistols are sure to make an impact out in airsoft arena around the world.

JAG Scattergun CGS Adapter Installation


PolarStar Airsoft demonstrates how to install their CGS with the Gas Stock Adapter on the JAG Scattergun airsoft shotgun... "This Gas Stock Adapter allows you to configure your JAG Arms Scattergun with our CGS air system so the gun can be converted to run off of 12g or 33g CO2 instead of green gas.

Airsoft Atlanta: JW3 TTI Hi-Capa Pistol


Both the EMG and JAG Arms versions of the John Wick 3 Taran Tactical Innovations Hi-Capa Pistol for airsoft use are in stock at Airsoft Atlanta and here's their take on these... "A look at the JW3 Taran Tactical Combat Master Hi-Capa Airsoft Pistol Review.  Comparing the Jag Arms vs the EMG version of this legendary airsoft pistol.  Green gas powered, full metal, and great shooting gun.  Mostly the same gun, with some small differences between the two. A great solid shooter available from Airsoft Atlanta here:

Airsoft Master: JAG Sawed-Off Shotgun


If you are looking for a compact gas-powered airsoft shotgun, here is the JAG Sawed-Off Scattergun available at Airsoft Master. It is a pump-action and is said to be based on the Marui gas shotgun tech... "The Jag Arms Sawed Off shotgun is green gas powered. It features and adjustable 3-6 round bb per shot with real wood furniture."

Jag JW3 TTI Combat Master Takedown


A look at the internals of the Jag Precision John Wick 3 TTI Combat Master Airsoft pistol in this video by Bespoke Airsoft... "I pull apart the Jag Precision John Wick 3 Combat Master and upgrade the hop and lap the barrel as well as cleaning and replacing the lubricants."

Toronto Airsoft: New JAG Arms Scatterguns


We get to have a closer look at the new Scatterguns from JAG Arms courtesy of Toronto Airsoft. These JAG Scatterguns are airsoft shotguns that are gas powered. The new models are the Super CQB, HD Tactical Pistol Grip and the HD Tactical Sawe Off. Are they an improvement over the first scatterguns? We sure hope they are.

Airsoft GI: New JAG Arms Scatterguns


More shotgun options for airsoft players when they order at Airsoft GI as they got new Scattergun airsoft shotgun from JAG Arms. Watch Cisco tell more about these news arrivals... "Cisco brings some interesting targets to shoot the new JAG Arms Scatterguns!"

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