Jag Arms Scattergun Master Key Unboxing & Test


Slim Airsoft gets to unbox and test the Jag Arms Scattergun Master Key which is based on the under barrel shotgun used for breaching. It uses the same system as a traditional scattergun, but in a more compact and portable package. The pump action is smooth and easy to use, and the range is impressive for an airsoft gun. This shotgun is perfect for adding some extra firepower to your airsoft loadout.

Airsoft GI: JAG Arms Reaper TS Gas Scattergun


Boaz walks us through the features of the JAG Arms Reaper TS Gas Scattergun now available at Airsoft GI... "Cisco has been begging JAG Precision to make a version of the JAG Arms Reaper Scattergun with the buffer tube and grip kit. After some time, JAG Arms released the Reaper TS to fulfill Cisco's dreams! The Reaper TS Scattergun can compete in any environment! Let's dive in deeper with Boaz to see how the Reaper TS performs!"

JAG Arms TTI Combat Master Sight Block


Cisco goes over this TTI Combat Master Sight Block By JAG Arms that they have over at Airsoft GI... "Taran Tactical linked up with JAG Arms to release the new Combat Master Sight Block! Is it a gimmick or do fixed front sights help improve your performance? Cisco goes in deep to find out! Lets see if the airsoft Combat Master Sight block can keep up!"

JAG Arms Scatterguns At Airsoft Atlanta


The JAG Arms Scattergun series of airsoft shotguns are in stock at Airsoft Atlanta... "JAG Arms Scattergun Gas Shotgun - various models available (drop-down menu).  Black airsoft shotguns with 3 or 6 round (adjustable) bursts per pump and shot.  Green gas powered with its own gas tank integrated.

Geonox Airsoft: Jag Arms John Wick 3 Combat Master


The JAG Arms John Wick 3 Combat Master Gas Blowback Pistol is available in Germany and Geonox Airsoft got himself one to review and perhaps do some gun-fu... "In this video we look at the Combat Master from Jag Precision/Army Armament from John Wick 3. Die-hard John Wick fans cannot ignore this airsoft. We had already looked at the Combat Masters from ASG. There is still the Combat Master from EMG. If you feel like it, we can take a look at them and test them.

JAG Arms BFG Airsoft Shotgun At MiR Tactical


Quick overview from MiR Tactical on the JAG Arms BFG Scattergun they have in stock... "JAG Arms has taking airsoft gas shotguns to the next level with the Double Barrel Scattergun! Starting from the rear JAG has added the buffer tube gas stock to store the gas without having to remove a tank and to adjust for comfort. The pistol grip provides a comfortable wrist position and familiar feel when shooting. The top rail provides room for any optics you desire.

Airsoft GI: JAG Arms Master Key Gas Scattergun


If anybody orders for room service, you must have the JAG Arms Master Key Gas Scattergun to oblige and you can find one at Airsoft GI... "JAG said that we are not allowed to show this to anyone, but giving this to us is like giving candy to a baby! They are going to eat it! We are airsofters and it is my duty to show you all of the insiders we can! Seriously JAG, please don't sue me! Stay tuned to Airsoft GI on social media for more updates on the JAG Arms Master Key Gas Scattergun!"

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