G&G Type 64 BR AEG Remote Control


The G&G Type 64 BR AEG can be programmed with a remote control that is sold separately... "Fine-tune your Type 64 BR AEG with a press of a button! Simply press a button to effortlessly program your AEG for a 3 or 5 round burst. Additionally, you can program the trigger's sensitivity for lightweight trigger pulls. These functions are currently exclusive to the G&G Type 64 BR AEG. Now available worldwide."

Remote Controlled G&G Type 64 AEG Review


G&G probably released the first AEG that can be remote controlled and c7viper checks it out if its a nice feature to have. This AEG is based on the HOWA Type 64 JSDF and its othe features are the Optical Sensor ETU, Pre-installed MOSFET, Power Cut Off Feature, 90 Round Metal Magazine, 6.04mm Tightbore Barrel.

G&G Type 64 AEG Review By Evike.com


Evike.com got the new G&G Type 64 AEG in stock and here is their take in this video review... "Are Historical Airsoft Guns like these meant for displaying on your wall or for playing on the Airsoft battlefield?"

G&G Armament Type 64 BR AEG Preview


G&G Armament posted a video showing us their upcoming AEG, the G&G Type 64 BR AEG that comes with the ETU. This is based on the JSDF Howa Type 64 Battle Rifle that fires the 7.62mm round... "The all-new Type 64 BR AEG will feature our first-ever wireless programming of the electronic trigger unit (E.T.U.).


Mach Sakai On The S&T HOWA Type 64 Battle Rifle AEG


Mach Sakai goes over the S&T HOWA Type 64 Battle Rifle AEG in this video. Based on the HOWA Type 64 Battle Rifle that is used by the JGSDF and the Japanese Coast Guard, this has a real wood stock and pistol grip, and authentic markings. Othe features ae the integrated fold-up bipod, flip-up sights, and metal build.

Evike [The Gun Corner]: S&T Type 64 AEG


Available in Japan since last year, the S&T Howa Type 64 AEG is now available in the U.S. at Evike.com and Matt gives us the highlights of this AEG on "The Gun Corner"... "The Howa Type 64 Battle Rifle, is a Japanese battle rifle used exclusively by the Japan Self-Defense Forces and the Japanese Coast Guard. It is a gas-operated, selective fire weapon which is chambered for the 7.62x51mm NATO round and uses a detachable 20-round box magazine.

Mach Sakai: S&T Type 64 AEG Review


Released in late 2014 by Smart Team Hong Kong (S&T), is the S&T Type 64 AEG which is reviewed here by Mach Sakai. Based on the Howa Type 64 Battle Rifle used by the JSDF up to now even with the release of the Type 89, it uses the 7.62x51mm NATO, but of course it uses 6mm BBs in airsoft. Mach Sakai finds it a bit hard to shoot with its included sights and would rather use optics mounted on it next time, he likes the stock, and thinks it'll be a good performer in the skirmish field.

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