Fix For The LBX Armatus 2.0 PTT & Comms Cable


Charlie Dangerous shows a fix that you can do with in routing a PTT and comms cable on the LBX Armatus 2.0... "The Armatus 2.0 Plater Carrier by LBX Tactical is a fantastic milsim or entry-level plate carrier that's also relatively inexpensive. My main issue with the carrier is the lack of a place to mount my push-to-talk, and comms cable routing!"

LBX Tactical Banger Back Panel Released


Now available at their online store is the LBX Tactical Banger Back Panel designed for their Armatus Carrier. It provides pouches and pockets for hydration, admin, smoke/flash grenades and is easily secured with heavy duty loop and fast clip side release closures. Available in 4 colours, you can order one for US$99.95.

LBX Armatus Plate Carrier Review


Jonathan Higgs looks like a twin brother of Chris Costa when he put on the low profile LBX Tactical Armatus Plate Carrier in this Airsoftology review... "We're looking at the Armatus 4019 Plate carrier (aka the Costa Carrier) from LBX to see if this low-profile rig could be the perfect solution for short games."

AirSplat on Demand: LBX Armatus


Thor presents the low profile LBX Tactical Armatus Plate Carrier. This has a triple M4 Magazine Panel on the front, a removable elastic cummerband, reinforced drag handle and a fast clip front panel. This is now in stock at where you can order it for US$199.99.


Evike: LBX Armatus Plate Carrier


A new plate carrier made affordable for Airsoft players by LBX Tactical gets reviewed by The LBX Armatus Plate Carrier is a low profile plate carrier that comes with the LBX-4020B Triple M4 Panel. It has a drag handle, padded shoulder straps, and removable elastic cummerbund.

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