G&G TR16 MBR 308WH With Mancraft PDiK Test


The Woodland Raiders test the G&G TR16 MBR 308WH HPA rifle thatt comes equipped with the following: Pdik v2 gen3 engine (8mm volumetric reduction), G&G stock nozzl, -Specna Arms Maxx Model Hop-Up Chamber, MadBull Steel Bull 6.03mm 509mm internal barrel, Maple Leaf 70 blue Silicone rubber, Maple Leaf Omega Nub Tensioner.

PolarStar Jack Vs Mancraft PDiK


A battle of HPA engines. Woodland Raiders for a comparison of the PolarStar Airsoft Jack and the Mancraft PDiK... "Comparison of the operation of the newly purchased HP replica with the Polar Star Jack engine and the Mancraft Pdik gen3 air motor.

In the video you can see that the engine operating on the principle of a solenoid valve gives better repeatability when shooting than the Mancraft pneumatic device.

New Mancraft MASS Gen.2 & PDiK Gen.3 SA


HPA airsoft players can check out the new products coming out of the Polish HPA airsoft engine manufacturer, Mancraft. For those expecting the PDiK Gen.1 FL engine, it has been renamed to PDiK Gen.3 SA if you get confused when searching for the PDiK Gen.1 FL. More information below:

"M.A.S.S. Gen.2

M.A.S.S. - Mancraft Air Stock Support - stock for M4.

It can accommodate 13ci (0,21l) HP tank.

Mancraft PDiK HPA System Slow-Mo Montage


The German Spearheads Airsoft Team do a slow-mo montage of the Mancraft PDiK HPA System. Mancraft, which is based in Poland, is a leading manufacturer of HPA engines for airsoft use in Europe. The PDiK or the Pneumatic Drop in Kit is a kit to convert your AEG into an HPA-powered one and it is an affordable method to do an HPA upgrade.

Mancraft PDiK SVD Conversion Kit Review


Bassabu de Oscuria goes over the Mancraft PDiK Conversion Kit for the spring powered SVD airsoft rifle so it can be HPA-powered... "Opening, review and testing of Mancraft´s PDiK conversion kit to adapt a sping SVD Dragunov to the use of HPA or CO2."

Airsoft Marksman By Red Army Airsoft Club


Watch this video and the story that was put together by the Red Army Airsoft Club for an airsoft sniper/marksman and show the use of the Mancraft PDiK and the Orga Airsoft Magnus Barrel... "This is the first release from the section Sniper airsoft. It turned out that we have launched a series of videos about the airsoft sniping along with Marty. What is the difference? We will talk firstly about the role marksmana, ie sniper in the group and use the GDI system."

Mancraft PDiK HPA Engine Impressions


Mr. Nuke Duster seems to be first one to give us a video of the Mancraft PDiK HPA Engine outside of Poland. The PDiK or the Pneumatic Drop-in Kit is a gearbox replacement kit for those who want to power their airsoft guns with HPA using AEG bodies. This is designed for Version 2 and Version 2 Long Gearboxes, find out what he finds out about... "Here is the Mancraft PDiK HPA engine designed to replace the gearbox in a V2 M4/M16 AEG. "

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