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E&L Platinum AK AEGs At WGC Shop

It looks like the very much sought after AK AEGs from E&L Airsoft just got better as WGC Shop announce the Platinum versions are available at their online store... "The AK AEG released by the real steel maker, we just had the platinum version of E&L AK AEG, which is the best AEG that E&L ever made, go check out here."

WGC Shop: Umarex G28 GBB Asia Edition

The Asia Edition of the Umarex G28 Gas Blowback Rifle made by VFC is available to order at WGC Shop. Since it is an Asian Edition, this is mainbly available to customers in Asian countries where airsoft is legal... "This product only selling to ASIA countries & will arrange to ship from WGC Hong Kong Warehouse!

WGC: Gunsmith Bros GB-01 Open GBB

In stock right now at WGC Shop is the Gunsmith Bros GB-01 Open GBB Pistol in Silver. Made for airsoft practical pistol shooters for the Open Division, this is CNC'd aluminium and stainless steel. Compatible with the Tokyo Marui Hi-Capa magazines it comes with 3 alumnium magazine based pads, hammer spring tool, and a hard case.

WGC Shop: GHK PMAG-Style Gas Mags

WGC Shop announced that they have in stock the new GHK PMAG-Style Gas Magazines. Made for the GHK AR Series, which means the GHK G5 and M4 Gas Blowback Rifles, these are made of Nylon-fibre strengthening shell. They give good performance and ultra lightweight of around 376g. As for the capacity, they have a maximum load of 40 BBs.

GHK SIG 552 GBB At 22nd Hooha Show

Something we would like to see in the gas blowback segment of the airsoft market will be finally coming true. WGC Shop posted photos of the prototype of the SIG 552 Gas Blowback Rifle being developed by GHK and on display at the 22nd Taipei Hooha Show. We like what we see and looking forward to its release.

GHK AUG A3 GBB Available At WGC Shop

WGC Shop now got in stock the new GHK AUG A3 Gas Blowback Bullpup Rifle. This has a trigger-controlled semi/full auto shooting modes with additional middle safety/selector position for forced semi-only mode. It also has an A2 style upper receiver with 1.5x scope, high strength polymer lower receiver, realistic field stripping, and modular trigger pack.

WGC Custom E&L AK001 AEG

WGC Shop are coming up with their own custom work, starting with this WGC Custom AK001 AEG. Based on the E&L AKMSU EL-A113-A AEG, they replaced the handguard with a painted black handguard with sidde rails. They also replace the pistol grip and included what seems to be a PTS Syndicate US Palm AK AEG Magazine.

Ace1arms F-Style Slide Sets At WGC Shop

WGC Shop got in stock this week the F-Style Slide Sets from Ace1arms... "Dear high end G style custom airsoft pistol enthusiasts, we just got them in stock, a range of super combo with mock up silencer and tactical/ competition looking slide, they are superb, get them in one time purchase, don't hesitate"


The latest series in the CXP family of ICS Airsoft, the ICS CXP-MARS is available right now at the WGC Shop online store... "We just have grand new awesome ICS' MARS AEGs with their new SSS electric trigger system. There 3 lengths in 3 colors, it just can feed whatever you need! Buy now here and check out what do we have today."

Clearance Sale On At The WGC Shop

Better grab some good to great bargains at WGC Shop as they hold what they say is the largest clearance sale in airsoft this year. That means a lot of goodies are available at discounts that will make it hard for you to refuse their offers... "The most largest scale of airsoft clearance sale in the world, presented by WGC Shop, you just can't miss it."