Western Arms CQB Commander In Depth Review


Target-1 give their take on the Western Arms CQB Commander Gas Blowback Pistol... "A traditional carry gun with a full size frame and 4.25 inch slides. Commander revives with Wilson Combat's aesthetics and functionality. WA uses abundant carbon black heavy weight material, which has a good reputation. We are pleased to present this CQB Commander as the latest work of the 45 Auto Carry Gun.

Western Arms Kimber Warrior John Wick 2 Model


Target-1 shows the Western Arms Kimber Warrior John Wick 2 Model, the 1911 pistol used in John Wick: Chapter 2 and this has the SOCCOM BLACK G10 Grips. We wish they also make the Kimber Super Carry used in the movie... "The 1911 custom Kimber Warrior Western Arms that appeared in the popular gun action movie "John Wick 2" starring Keanu Reeves faithfully reproduces the Kimber that appeared in the play with carbon black heavy weight & Magna blowback!

Vintage Airsoft Review: WA Super Ingram M11


Daisuke Kobori writes for Hyperdouraku for another lesson in airsoft histor as he reviews the Super Ingram M11 GBB from Western Arms. Released in 1996 and the first machine pistol with the Western Arms Magna Blowback, it was seen as the better version compared to the Maruzen version. However, it is not in production anymore while the Maruzen can still be found at retailers.

Read the full review here (in Japanese).

Mach Sakai: Western Arms Metal Gear Solid Snake Match M1911


For Metal Gear Solid fans out there, here is Mach Sakai checking out the Western Arms Metal Gear Solid Snake Match M1911 GBB Pistol. This is a HW (Heavyweight) SCW Version 3 and uses the Western Arms "Magna" Blowback System. It has the 21-round R-Type Gas Magazine as part of the package. See it perform in this quick overview and steel challenge by Mach Sakai.

Vintage Airsoft Review: Western Arms Jatimatic


Remember the gun used by Sylvester Stalone in the movie "Cobra"? It does have an airsoft version made by Western Arms. The Western Arms Jatimatic is based on the Jatimatic SMG designed by Jali Timari of Finland that fires the 9mm round is an automatic, open bolt, blowback operated SMG and was produced in limited quantities. The Western Arms version was introduced in 1986 and is an AEG powered by 4 AA batteries in the magazine. The laser site is actually a scope in the airsoft replica.

Mach Sakai: WA Beretta M1934 GBB


A very compact pistol in the form of the Western Arms Beretta M1934 Gas Blowback by Mach Sakai. The magazine has a capacity of 20 rounds wuith adjustable hop-up. There is a custom version of this released, the WA M1934 "Strike Witches" Lucchini Model for the show Strike Witches show. Mach Sakai checks it for performance and operation in this quick video review.

RedWolf: WA Beretta M92F CAP M4X15


One for the collectors, at RedWolf Airsoft, you can find the Western Arms M92F CAP M4X15 GBB Pistol in Silver. Price is an affordable US$179.99... "The Western Arms (WA) Beretta M92F CAP M4X15 is an extremely retro futuristic pistol seemingly inspired from some Sci-Fi movies or anime from the 80's and 90's.

Mach Sakai: WA S&W M4013 TSW PC


Mach Sakai shows us the nicely crafted Western Arms Smith & Wesson M4013 TSW PC. This is a compact, TSW (Tactical Smith & Wesson) pistol that, which is custom-made by the S&W internal Custom Section 'Performance Center' and is based on the third generation Smith & Wesson Double Action Auto Series. Although it is compact, both slide and frame are made of carbon black heavyweight resin, and it has a heavy weight feeling.

WA Kimber Warrior John Wick Model


Two of the pistols that Keanu Reeves used in John Wick were the Taran Tactical Innovations Combat Carry Glock 26 and the Taran Tactical Innovations Combat Master Glock 34. But there is also a 1911 in the form of the Kimber Warrior 1911 and there is an airsoft version made by Western Arms.

Hyperdouraku reviews the Western Arms Kimber Warrior 1911 Johh Wick Model.

Hyperdouraku: WA SVI Miami Tiki


A compact pistol in th form of the Western Arms SVI Miami Tiki Gas Blowback Pistol gets reviewed by Hyperdouraku. In the market for years now, this use the Shibuya Custom Works High Spec version 3 fire system and 6.03mm precision fixed hop barrel. Most of the markings are on the lower frame whilst the slide itself remains unmarked.

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