Mach Sakai: Maruzen Walther PPK PPK/S Comparison


Mach Sakai conducts a comprehensive comparison of the PPK and PPK/S gas pistols manufactured by Maruzen. The review begins with an examination of the package, followed by an assessment of the total length, weight, and magazine of the pistols. Attention is then turned to the engraving and the trigger pull. An interesting observation is made regarding whether the magazine falls due to its own weight. The safety device and grip are also evaluated. The process of gas injection and BB bullet insertion is demonstrated.

Umarex Walther P99 DAO CO2 Blowback Pistol


RobinSonn8 takes a look at the Umarex Walther P99 DAO CO2 Blowback Pistol. This is a powerful, compact, and reliable CO2-powered airsoft pistol designed for the professional market. Its double-action trigger with consistent pull weight and travel mimics the original firearm, while the ergonomic design and metal slide provide a comfortable grip and realistic blowback experience.

Maruzen Walther P38 125th Anniversary GBB Pistol


Mach Sakai brings to the range the Maruzen Walther P38 125th Anniversary GBB Pistol which is available for over a decade. This is a limited edition item from Maruzen, boasting a length of 215mm and a weight of 720g. It’s constructed from ABS plastic, ensuring durability and lightweight handling. The item has a capacity of 12 rounds of 6mm BBs, and operates on a gas blowback system using 134a gas. This combination of features makes it a unique and valuable addition to any collection.

1989 Walther PPK Gas Blowback Pistol Review


Mach Sakai gets his hands ona vintage  Walther PPK Gas Blowback Pistol that was made in 1989 under the Point brand. He checks it for its external details, operations, as well as the usual quick steel challenge at this range. He says it's a little weak during the review since he got it secondhand and probably has seen some use over the years.

Acro Walther PPQ M1 Airsoft Pistol


Huhabi in South Korea  gives his take on the airsoft Walther PPQ M1 pistol made by Acro if it is something he recommend to airsoft players... "The grip is very good and the heavy weight makes it feel good. The accuracy is good, but the detail is a little different from the real gun. However, only 46,800 won for this level of quality in full metal is surprising. Extra magazines and gun cases are a bonus!"

Mach Sakai: Walther P99 Fixed Slide Gas Pistol


Mach Sakai goes for a non-blowback Walther P99 airsoft pistol from Maruzen in this video review. This has a magazine capacity of 24+1  and the ability to change backstraps for comfort. Fully licensed, it has Matt Black Finish, internal hammering system, as well as a trigger that must be released fully to shoot next round.

Mach Sakai: Maruzen Walther P38 AC41


Mach Sakai tests the Maruzen Walther P38 AC41 Gas Blowback Pistol in this video. This has a unique short recoil system, can be stripped just like the real thing, comes with a 12-BB round magazine, and has adjustable hop-up. He checks its for externals, operation, and performance in this video.

Airsoft Sports: WE PX001 Walther P99 GBB Pistol


Available at Airsoft Sports is the WE PX001 Walther P99 Gas Blowback Pistol. This comes with a metal slide that has fixed white dot front and rear sights with the lower frame made of ABS. The pistol grip is anti-slip, comes with 2 changeable backstraps and a 22-BB round gas magazine... "A brief overview of the WE PX001 Walther P99 airsoft pistol. You can buy and get acquainted with more detailed technical characteristics on our website."

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