CYMA VSR-10 Airsoft Sniper Rifle At


Matt tries the CYMA VSR-10 bolt action airsoft sniper rifle which of course is a clone of the venerable and best selling Tokyo Marui VSR-10 series... "The VSR-10 bolt action series by CYMA presents the external appearance of a high quality finished VSR-10 sniper rifle, with an easily up-gradable Tokyo Marui / JG / HFC compatible internal parts, good magazine availability / compatibility, is bipod ready and scope ready.


Callsign Reach's SRU VSR-10 Sniper Rifle Build


Check this video from Callsign Reach if you like what he did with the VSR-10 airsoft sniper rifle, customising it with the SRU kit... "And so it begins. Cyborg mercenary and airsoft enthusiast Reach has returned from a long hiatus with an overview of his personal SRU SNP-10, a customized VSR-10 airsoft sniper rifle that resembles a man-portable railgun.

Lone Wombat: ASPUK Gold VSR Upgrade


Lone Wombat Airsoft gives his take on the ASPUK Gold VSR Upgrade Kit which of course is designed for the Tokyo Marui VSR-10 airsoft sniper rifle and other compatible VSR-10 clones... "Today we're taking a look at the Sniper Upgrade package provided by ASPUK; Part of their Gold upgrade package, I'll go into what parts have been installed into my TM VSR, talk about my experiences with it, and show how well it fires."

PSS Fluted Outer Barrel For Tokyo Marui VSR-10 Series


Laylax's Perfect Sniping System (PSS) got a the Fluted Outer Barrel Series made for the Tokyo Marui VSR-10 Airsoft Sniper Rifle. This is now available to order in Japan and for those outside Japan, they can check with authorised resellers in their countries... "This integrated flute outer barrel can be mounted on the VSR-10.

By applying high precision cutting with a domestic compound lathe, a distinctive and sharp design is realized.

Laylax PPS10 VSR-10 AirSeal Chamber


Something for the VSR-10 users, Laylax got this PPS10 AirSeal Chamber for the Tokyo Marui airsoft sniper rifle... "A chamber developed to further raise the hit accuracy of VSR-10. Genuine ratio 12.5 mm Extended chamber packing developed and prevention of air loss by air seals SUS ring, adopting HOP lever of G-SPEC type, expanded HOP adjustment range and strict HOP adjustment became possible by clicking precision type."

0'20 Mag: Customise A VSR-10 With SRU


0'20 Magazine got their hands on the VSR10 SNP Advanced Kit or the SRU SR-SNP-10 Kit. This allows you to convert your Tokyo Marui VSR-10 airsoft sniper rifle and its clones into a futuristic looking airsoft sniper rifle that reminds you of the guns seen in video games. It is available in OD Green and SW colours.

Lambda Japan Smart Barrel VSR NB


Lambda Japan added more to their Smart Barrel Inner Barrel series. The Smart Barrel VSR NB is made of Carbon Steel and  they cut the bridge for the custom barrel due to requests from their European customers... "This series is 6.03mm Inner Dia. This shape is customer's request. Many customers asked to us so we started selling as regular lined up. SMART BARREL is lower cost model but keep quality.

Eagle6 Airsoft VSR-10 Advanced Hop Arm


Eagle6 Airsoft announce their new version of their hop arm made specifically for the Tokyo Marui VSR-10 Airsoft Sniper Rifle (and compatible VSR-10 clones). According  to them, this provides greater range and accuracy when using heavier BBs. This is made of CNC Aluminium.

Lambda VSR-10 Set Pin & Support Ring


More options for the owners of the Tokyo Marui VSR-10 Sniper Rifle as Lambda Japan released two upgrade parts. The first one is the Set Pin that has a round top and guide slot to goes up along the Spring Guide. The second one is the Support Ring which serve as replacement as they usually wear out.

Lambda VSR-10 Set Pin

Lambda VSR-10 Cylinder Kit Restock


Lambda Japan sends in news that their Cylinder Kits for the Tokyo Marui VSR-10 are back in stock... "Today I want to inform the arrival of the Lambda Cylinder Kit for VSR-10. The latest version is processed 'ISONITE' for the surface, get black and durability. We have 2 cylinders,for Marui original trigger (45 deg) and for custom trigger (90 deg). These require the 13mm FAT dia spring.

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