Shoei Correction, MP43, MP43/1, & MP44 Updates


Tomio sent in a correction regarding one of the sellers of SHOEI products and more information regarding the the MP43, MP43/1, and MP44 gun models... "Hi again to all our devoted customers.

I committed one mistake with the announcement yesterday. It is the of a Seller 'MWM Gillmann GmbH' website address of Germany. The correct address is as follows:

I also received some questions and realized that my explanation was lacking.

New SHOEI MP43/1, MP43, And MP44 Model Guns


Collectors of SHOEI Model guns get to have good news as there is an update from Japanese company on their new MP43/1, MP43, and MP44 models and information where you can order in their respective countries and regions. Plus an MP40 model is being planned... "We have already announced on our website and Facebook, we are currently frantically producing MP43/1, MP43, and MP44 model guns.

Shoei G43 WW2 Air Blowback At Airsoft World


The premium priced G43 Air Blowback Rifle from Shoei is available right now at Airsoft World... "Shoei never fail to amaze, and the Gewehr 43 doesn't miss the mark! This stunning and faithfully reproduced Airsoft version looks, and feels, gorgeous.

Air powered and using a 13rd magazine, it has a lovely recoil and smooth action. A fully adjustable hop and full wood on this make it a stunning replica worthy of any collector.

Shoei Gewehr 43 In BB2K Airsoft's "Gun In 60 Seconds"


The sought after collectible from SHOEI, the Gewehr 43 is featured in this BB2K Airsoft's "Gun in 60 Seconds", a quick overview of the airsoft guns that Bruce has in his collection. A premium priced collectible, it is prized by reenactors and collectors due to its build and craftsmanship... "Gun in 60 seconds feat. Shoei G43 Airsoft from 2016."

Neo035: AGM MP40 & SHOEI MP38 Review


Neo035 reviews to airsoft versions that are used by reenactors and some by collectors, the AGM MP40 and SHOEI MP38. Both used in World War II by Nazi Germany, at first glance they look the same but there actually some differences such as the MP38 38 receiver was made of machined steel but producing it was a time-consuming and expensive process whilst the MP40 receiver used stamped steel and electro-spot welding was done as much as possible.

SHOEI MP44, G43 & FG42 Type 1 Update


The news the collectors and reenactors always wait for, the updates from SHOEI on their replicas of German-made World War II gun models and airsoft guns. If you are planning to order any or all of these, better move quickly as stocks are limited as always and you will have to wait long for another batch or might miss out when they end production of a certain model... "Thank you Always! This time it is an introduction of the information of the stock and the next model.

In stock now:

Shoei Gewehr 43 Review By Neo035


A collector's dream is to own the Gewehr 43 rifle made by SHOEI. It costs a premium and are limited in quantity. This version that Neo035 reviews is the Air Blowback Version which means it is skirmishable. It weighs 4.3kg and has a muzzle velocity of 260fps and capacity of 14 rounds. As to how much it costs, it's safe to say it will be a major dent on your wallet.

SHOEI G43 Air Blowback & FG42 News


If you want to own the G43 Air Blowback Rifle from SHOEI, better place your order as the stocks available will be the final and production has already ceased. The ZF4 scope set is now running out of stock soon so might as well budget for that. As for the FG42, the are resuming production again.... "The 'G43 air blowback BB rifle' final production is finished and stock is decreasing. We will not produce about "G43 air blowback BB rifle" from now on.

SHOEI G43, ZF4 Scope & FG42 Type 1 News


For those who are waiting for some updates from SHOEI regarding World War II imitation firearms, it's good news as they sent us some information. If you intend to purchase any or all, better do so as soon as you can as they usually run out quickly... "Greetings to all our devoted customers.

Shipment of G43 air blowback BB rifle which we announced last time, and ZF4 scope set is finished, and the remaining stocks have decreased. Please inform me as soon as possible if you are interested.

SHOEI G43 Blowback & FG-42 Model Update


For the collectors and reenactors who have missed the last batch of the SHOEI G43 Air Blowback Rifle and the FG42 Type 1 Model Gun, good news! Shoei sent in updates in the progress of these products and have posted pricing for you to save up... "Greetings to all our devoted customers.

No mail, Long time! The time has opened again.

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