Systema Infinity PTW With NBORDE Receiver Set


Have good look at the Systema Engineering Infinity PTW that is kitted with the NBORDE machined receiver set in this promotional video from NBORDE... "This video is an image video of SYSTEMA INFINITY newly developed in 2021. Most of the airsoft guns that appear are equipped with the NBORDE total machined receiver set."

Custom Systema MK18 PTW Test


Timerzanov Airsoft tries the custom Systema MK18 PTW that's done by Vinc AAB... "Hi all ! Today we meet for a special video. This time Vinc AAB came to my house and on the occasion he presents us here his MK18 PTW Systema.

Penguins Tactical PTW Test Shooting Part 2


After checking out a Systema AR-style PTW, MOTO picks up the Systema TW5 or the MP5 PTW to shoot with at the range for this Penguins Tactical Video... "This time, I borrowed the favorite guns of several people and tried out Systema's Professional Training Weapon (PTW), commonly known as 'Trepon'. This time, I borrowed not only AR but also TW5 (MP5 PTW). Special Thanks!

Penguins Tactical: PTW Shooting Test Part 1


Moto brings a Systema PTW to the range for some shooting tests for this Penguins Tactical video... "This time, I borrowed the favorite guns of several people and tried out Systema's Professional Training Weapon (PTW), commonly known as 'Trepon'. Special Thanks to Daichi-san, Piro-san [Series introduction] for the VLOG series that records the daily scenes of Penguins Tactical member MOTO."

Systema PTW Infinity Grip Processing


Hyperdouraku goes to MOVE to do some real grip processing for the PTW Infinity as well as other parts... "Taking advantage of the features of PTW INFINITY, an electric gun made by SYSTEMA, which realized the world's first gearbox with a built-in small brushless motor, I tried real grip processing.

This time as well, we are asking MOVE, a trepon shop in Kinshicho, to do the construction."

Venom PTW MPX Integrated Recoil System


A very quick demo of the Venom PTW MPX with the Integrated Recoil System (IRS)... "Built around the PTW platform. 100% CNC machined from scratch using billet. This is the original Gen1 but I'll soon be working on a Gen 2 production version.

This is a big build as everything had to be made from scratch, even the catch on the dust cover."

Systema PTW Infinity Shoot Test In The Field


Yas of Hyperdouraku brings a System PTW Infinity to a game field to check how it shoots. This is a gearbox that has been designed with a brushless motor that can used with existing PTW uppers and lowers. It is programmable with Pre-Cocking and DSG as Standard settings as well as it gives a gas blowback trigger response... "Finally delivered Systema Infinity built-in trepon.

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