S.COM Reborn PTW Brushless Motor


Okazu tests the Systema PTW, a premium electric airsoft gun that uses the S.COM Reborn PTW Brushless Motor for its gearbox. This motor delivers an astounding performance, reaching 43,000 RPM in a mere 0.005 seconds. It outperforms traditional brush motors in various aspects, such as speed, responsiveness, power, as well as thermal efficiency, durability, smoothness, and quietness.

Custom PTW Infinity SpeedStar Review By Mach Sakai


Mach Sakai conducted a comprehensive review of the Custom SYSTEMA PTW Infinity Speed Star. The review, titled "PTW Infinity SpeedStar Digest," covered various aspects of the product. The overall length and weight of the gun were discussed, along with its carbon outer barrel and XT-6 handguard. The gun's engraving was noted, and the magazine's tendency to fall due to its own weight was questioned. The trigger pull was evaluated, followed by a live firing of the PTW Speedster.

Mach Sakai: Systema PTW CQB-R


Mach Sakai takes a look at the PTW CQB-R from Systema Engineering, the company that is well known for its most realistic AEG for training purposes until new generation AEGs from competitors such as Tokyo Marui and GBLS came in. Is it still one of the most desired airsoft training weapons? Check the video out.

Hyperdouraku: Systema PTW Infinity NBORDE XM177E2 Complete Model


A good look at the Systema PTW Infinity NBORDE XM177E2 Complete Model by Mister Moro, in this Hyperdouraku review... "A video review of ystema PTW Infinity, a complete model that incorporates NBORDE's custom receiver for PTW, XM177E2. The large flash hider is a major feature of the XM177E2. The barrel is 11.5 inches. It was used in the Vietnam War as a precursor to carbines for US special forces such as SEALs and Green Berets."

What Is It Like To Owning A Systema?


With more realistic operating AEGs and GBBs in the market being sold as training rifles nowadays, is Systema's PTW still relevant? Defrowe Airsoft discusses what is like to own a Systema PTW, considered to be the Ferrari of AEGs, in this episode... "Ever wondered what it's like to be a PTW owner? In this video, we talk to a PTW owner about his experience and what it's like to own a PTW. We discuss the SystemA gearbox, the new gearbox with a motor inside, the dual sector gears, and the trigger response.

Systema Infinity PTW With NBORDE Receiver Set


Have good look at the Systema Engineering Infinity PTW that is kitted with the NBORDE machined receiver set in this promotional video from NBORDE... "This video is an image video of SYSTEMA INFINITY newly developed in 2021. Most of the airsoft guns that appear are equipped with the NBORDE total machined receiver set."

Custom Systema MK18 PTW Test


Timerzanov Airsoft tries the custom Systema MK18 PTW that's done by Vinc AAB... "Hi all ! Today we meet for a special video. This time Vinc AAB came to my house and on the occasion he presents us here his MK18 PTW Systema.

Penguins Tactical PTW Test Shooting Part 2


After checking out a Systema AR-style PTW, MOTO picks up the Systema TW5 or the MP5 PTW to shoot with at the range for this Penguins Tactical Video... "This time, I borrowed the favorite guns of several people and tried out Systema's Professional Training Weapon (PTW), commonly known as 'Trepon'. This time, I borrowed not only AR but also TW5 (MP5 PTW). Special Thanks!

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