Joe Lau: 6 Reload 6 Drill Action Air


Nope, that is not a race pistol firing in full auto as it is not allowed in airsoft practical shooting. Famous airsoft practical shooter, Joe Lau of UAC (who also shoots real steel) shows the 6 Reload 6 Drill (6 consecutive shots, reload, 6 consecutive shots) that he does in under 3.69s and all Alphas. How to do that? It takes a lot of practice, so drill baby! Drill!

ASGI Competition Pistol Match Tips


Frank of Airsoft GI, who is into practical pistol shooting competitions for many years now will give you tips into competition pistol match. He starts with the importance in safety, just like in the real steel, we should treat the pistols as like the real ones.

Airsoft Surgeon Euro 2016 Highlights


Redwolf Airsoft TV presents the highlights of the Airsoft Surgeon European Championship 2016 that too place last month in Gloucester, United Kingdom... "The 4th Airsoft Surgeon European Championship hosted by Redwolf UK, see how the event has grown and become one of the most anticipated competitions of the year!"

UAC Airsoft Parts Restock At Firesupport


Looking to upgrade your airsoft pistol especially for competitive practical shooting? Firesupport got you covered as they have upgrade parts from Ultimate Airsoft Custom (UAC) available again... "We have a restock of UAC Airsoft parts, the best parts to upgrade your practical shooting pistols.

Massive Range now available. Get the most from your Airsoft GBB pistol by using UAC parts for the ultimate upgrade.

Airsoft GI Pistol Invitational (Video)


A short video footage of Airsoft GI's Pistol Invitational showing some of the practical shooters in action. With airsoft practical shooting already very much firmly established in the Asia and Europe where national and international shoots take place, it is now the USA's turn to show it can have a national airsoft practical shooting event, and even join in the international competition. Airsoft GI's Invitational can be one area for the development of this discipline even further.

Airsoft Rifle Practical Shooting Video


A side event for trail shooters in the Netherlands was for the try the airsoft side event last 18 October according to daVinci Dynamics. They put up a combination of the targets they produce including the WiFi Airsoft Precision Target. A total of 30 marksmen tried the challenge using the Tippmann M4 HPA Blowback Rifles. All them enjoyed this side event.

Joe Lau: Airsoft IPSC Division & Pistol Intro


Champion airsoft practical shooter and also a real steel practical shooter Joe Lau talks about the various different kinds of pistols and divisions in airsoft practical shooting. For those confused about this and Action Air, Action Air is the official designation by IPSC to airsoft practical shooting. Whilst he speaks in Cantonese, you can actually follow and understand what he means as some captions will be displayed.

RWTV: Airsoft Surgeon 3rd Euro Championship


The video's now up from RWTV on the Airsoft Surgeon 3rd European Championship which will take place at a new location for this year. The event's slated for the 11th to the 13th of September 2015 at the StrikeForce CQB in Gloucester... "It's that time of year again. The Airsoft Surgeon European Practical Shooting championship" is coming around for the 3rd time so if you missed out on the previous two, you might want to step up as this year will be tougher.

RWTV 2014 AS Euro Championship Recap


Here's a short recap of the Airsoft Surgeon Practical Airsoft Shooting European Championship 2014 from RedWolf Airsoft TV (RWTV)... "RedWolf is happy to present the Airsoft Surgeon Practical Airsoft Shooting European Championship, the second airsoft competition combining speed, accuracy and the intense looking faces you’ll ever see. This is a short recap of the event."

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