Spiritus Systems Pouches For Night Vision Devices


How do you store your night vision devices? In this video Spiritus Systems talk about the pouches you can use with tips for proper care during transport or storage... "In this video, Adam Holroyd provides tips for stowing, storing, and which pouches might work the best for your Night Vision devices."

Agilite Six Pack Plate Carrier Hanger Pouch


Is this the best plate carrier hanger pouch in the market? Agilite Gear think their Six Pack Plate Carrier Hanger Pouch is... "The Agilite Six pack was designed to be the best plate carrier dangler pouch on the market. Validated downrange in months of real missions, our objective was to weed out all the issues with existing dangler pouches.

MODL Replica Multicam Airsoft "TACO" pouch


Muddy Reviews check out a replica of the TACO pouch for airsoftt use, the MODL Replica Multicam Airsoft "TACO" pouch... "Hey everybody welcome back to another Muddy Review, in this video we are looking at a MODL Multicam replica "TACO" pouches.

AXL Advanced Innocuous Rifle Mag Pouch


AXL release the Innocuous Rifle Magazine Pouch which is mounted horizontally and take note, this is only compatible with the Eclipse Belt... "The Innocuous is a horizontal rifle mag pouch designed to interface with the Eclipse Belt.

Why a horizontal mag pouch? We find it prevents unwanted interaction between the magazine and plate carrier, and reduces discomfort when bending, kneeling, or sitting.

New HSGI Double Rifle TACO


Released last month by High Speed Gear is the Double Rifle Taco and can be ordered from their store or at authorised resellers... "This unique pouch is constructed from injection-molded polymer brackets, heavy-duty nylon and shock cord lacing to both expand and lock just about any magazine in place.

Rescue Tactical Pouches In Woodland M81


A review of the Rescue Tactical Magazine Pouches by Airsoft Review Argentina... "Review and first impressions of the tactical pouches of Rescue Tactical, with renewed details and now in Woodland M81 camouflage. There are three models available: cell phone pouch, medical pouch for first aids and pouch for general use."

Valken Airsoft Magazine Pouches


A quick presentation by Valken Airsoft of their laser cut magazine pouches available in triple, double, or single sets... "Airsoft mag holders for your magazines! Plate carrier is a great addition as well! You can attach these to a belt as well!"

AATV: Belt Pouches From C2R


Anvil Airsoft TV (AATV) goes over belt pouches from C2R, a gear maker based in the UK... "In this video we cover the new pouches from C2R Fast that mate up with their shooters Belt. We cover the Golden Nugget, Compact Medical Pouch and the Lightweight Frag Pouches."

UNW P90 Inserts For Emerson Magazine Pouch


Planning on getting a new airsoft P90 but cannot find magazine pouches for it? Untangle me shows these UNW P90 Inserts For Emerson Magazine Pouch... "There are a view different models of these 5.56 Magazine pouch out there from emersongear (single, dual, single + pistol pouch) this insert should fit in them both.

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