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New Shooter-AR Mobile Game App

0'20 Magazine feature the Shooter-AR mobile game app you can use with your replica gun made by Emagein-3D in this video. Here is what its developers say about it... "Engage yourself in the best competitive tactical shooting experience in Augmented Reality. You want to turn military training drills into tactical gaming with unlimited case situations, this is for you. You design your own course and compete with friends.

How To Win PUBG Mobile IRL

Unicorn Leah has her own footage of the NODE created official PUBG Mobile game in Real Life video... "A real-life airsoft game mode of PUBG Mobile with NODE! First, get behind the scenes footage to see how the guys from Corridor Digital make movie shorts; then watch a round of gameplay from Jet DesertFox and Unicorn Leah playing mobile PUBG (airsoft) against Evike Matt, Ryan, KRISS Tim, and all the guys from NODE: D, Sam, and Niko."

PUBG Mobile Airsoft Game IRL

NODE does another airsoft game based on a Battle Royale video game. The official PUBG Mobile YouTube Channel posts the video of the OFFICIAL Real Life PUBG Mobile Airsoft Game... " Ever wonder how PUBG Mobile would play out in real life? Our friends over at NODE sure did!"

Call of Duty: Strike Team Now on Android

Android owners can now rejoice as the mobile version of the Call of Duty Series, Strike Team, is now available for them... "Call of Duty: Strike Team delivers a new first-person and third-person Call of Duty experience for Android devices. Ready your team with fully customizable loadouts and lead them into a diverse field of environments. Squad-based gameplay allows you to switch between views to coordinate and execute your attacks. Airsoft Store Android App

We just photoshopped the screenshots of's Android app over a photo of a pretty lady holding Samsung Galaxy S2 mobile phones to attract your attention. The app is real though as we spotted it at AppBrain. Now you can't stay away from online airsoft retailers selling items to you as they'll be in your mobile phone. But if you want to get the latest airsoft stuff from Hong Kong, then you might want to use this app.

IWA & Outdoor Classics 2011 Mobile App

A good thing to make an app for smartphone users that they can use during the event as it lessens the need to use maps and waste some printed paper... "IWA & OutdoorClassics 2011, the world’s leading international exhibition for hunting and sporting guns, classic outdoor equipment and security equipment, takes place in the Exhibition Centre Nuremberg from 11–14 March 2011. The exhibition concentrates innovations and trends in all product segments.

Latest Airbana Android App Released

Gareth of Airbana sent in good news that the latest version of the Airbana Android app has now been released. If you have an Android-based smartphone, you can immediately go to the Android Market to download this latest version. While you can only see one Airbana application there, just download it, allow it to access network connections and it gets installed. Once installed, you will see three icons representing three services of Airbana: Events, Maps, and News.

Arnies Airsoft Now PDA/Mobile Friendly Again

Cool, Arnies Airsoft is now mobile and PDA friendly again, and it's a welcome update if we want more airsoft information while on the road..."After a quick bit of playing around Arnies is now readily accessible from most PDAs. I’ve just tested it on Windows Mobile 5/6 here and systems like the PSP that have a web browser in them and all look pretty good. Quick access key shortcuts are enabled and images in news posts are resized to work with the browser window keeping size down and mobile screens tidy.