Real Steel Parts On Tokyo Marui MK18 MWS


Ollie Talks Airsoft  talks about the parts and accessories used in the real world that he put on his Tokyo Marui MK18 MWS GBB Rifle... "Just going over some of the real steel accessories on my Mk18 build. Covering off how the parts are fitted and what the add to this already fantastic rifle."

Reapers Airsoft: Tokyo Marui MK18 NGRS


Find out what Reapers Airsoft find in the Tokyo Marui MK18 Mod1 NGRS which is a much sought after in the market. Like any other Reapers Airsoft review, this will take 2 hours of your time so better prepare some drinks and snacks before you watch.

REAPERs Airsoft: Tokyo Marui MK18 MWS GBBR


Prepare for a two-hour review with some food and drinks as Reapers Airsoft does a comprehensive review of the Tokyo Marui MK18 MWS GBBR. Already available in the airsoft market, this GBB rifle has fully licensed Daniel Defense markings via MadBull Airsoft and has been given a Cerakote treatment.

King Arms EMG MK18 Gas Blowback Rifle


Two videos from King Arms showing the gas charging and bolt carrier of the EMG MK18 Gas Blowback Rifle. This is a fully licensed gas blowback and should be released soon in the USA via which owns EMG. More choices now for gas blowback airsoft MK18.

REAPERS Airsoft: E&C SMR16, MK18 Version 3 & Honey Badger S-AEGs


A look at the updated SMR16 and MK18 as well as the Honey Badger S-AEGs available at Begadi by Reapers Airsoft... "Hello gentlemen, this video is once again about E&C, the SMR16 and MK18 models are now available in the 3rd version at Begadi. I would also like to briefly provide you with some information about the Honey Badger in terms of battery and motor."

Tokyo Marui MK18, MK46 & More At Land Warrior Airsoft


Land Warrior Airsoft sent news over the weekend about a big shipment of Tokyo Marui airsoft guns they received that includes some sough after ones. Better hurry if you want these as they usually go out of stock quickly... "We've just unloaded a massive shipment in from the Gold Class in Airsoft, Tokyo Marui.

OPS-Store Upgraded SA-E19 EDGE MK18


OPS-Store has an upgraded Specna Arms SA-E19 Daniel Defense MK18 AEG available in black or dual-tone colours... "Find an AEG MK18 SA-E19 EDGE Dual Tone Specna Arms airsoft replica under Daniel Defense license straight out of the OPS-Store, OPS-Factory workshop, upgraded with quality internal parts allowing you to directly benefit from high-end performance!"

JAG Airsoft's Tokyo Marui MK18 NGRS Gameplay


JAG Airsoft takes out the Tokyo Marui MK18 NGRS to a game and had real good fun with it... "In this video I will be playing with the Tokyo Marui MK18 NGRS! This is one of my first couple of game days with it and its seriously one of the most fun RIFs I've ever played with. The recoil system is awesome and it shoots so far and so straight even with just 0.28g BBs."

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