WE Colt M1911 MEU At Strike Planet


Another look at the WE Colt M1911 MEU which is available in the market for years now, in this video by Strike Planet. This is an Airsoft Pistol that uses Gas Blowback and 6mm BBs. It is based on the M1911 Pistol, which the US Army modified and still uses today. The Pistol has an Alloy Frame, Slide, Magazine, and Internals, and a Rubberised Grip.

Long Magazine For Custom 1911 MEU Full Auto GBB Pistol


Nekogun's Airsoft Garage got a custom 1911 MEU Full Auto GBB Pistol based on the "Public Enemies" film and he made a long magazine for it... "This is the full-auto M1911 that appeared in the movie Public Enemies. Based on Tokyo Marui's MEU, it is fully automated by incorporating high-capacity extreme parts! In the video, I will make a long magazine for this air gun. Please see the video of VILLAGE specification M1911 for the method of full automation."

Vorsk MEU CS Defender Pro GBB Pistol Review


Golgy A Sunday Gamer goes over the Vorsk MEU CS Defender Pro Gas Blowback Pistol. This airsoft pistol has a slide with three forward vented port that also has a ripple pattern. The grips also have the ripple pattern. It has a functioning beaver tail grip safety and slide lock latch.

Rock Bottom Airsoft: WE 1911 MEU GBB Pistol


Rock Bottom Airsoft talks about the WE 1911 MEU Gas Blowback Pistol and why he likes it... "In this video we take a look at my WE 1911 MEU GBB pistol replica. If you've seen my previous video on the pistol elite course at Tazball Airsoft you will have seen it in action."

KJW COLT MEU KP-07 At Airsoft Sports


A version of the Colt MEU pistol is made by KJ Works in the form of the KP-07 that is available at Airsoft Sports... "KJWorks decided to make its airsoft version of the famous "Colt" from metal. Thus, the pistol is impact-resistant. Being great specialists in the field of gas models, the developers of KJWorks did not deviate from their own traditions when designing this model. One can of CO? (weighing 12 grams) is enough for 80 shots.

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