Garand Thumb: M249S & Fitelight MCR


Garand Thumb tries to semi-auto belt-fed firearms in this episode, checking out the M249S and Fitelight MCR... "Semi automatic belt feds are an interesting topic within the non-governmental gun world. Often overlooked I find them to be a compelling choice in many ways for the average larper for a large numbers of reasons that we'll delve into in this video. Today we go over the M249S and the Fitelight MCR, both semi automatic belt fed weapons that feed using M27 links."

Golgy: Golden Eagle FightLite MCR 6670 LMG


The Golden Eagle FightLite MCR 6670 LMG AEG gets review by Golgy a Sunday Gamer. This uses a Version 2 Gearbox and made mainly of metal. As it is a more compact LMG, it is maneuverable to use. Package comes with a 2,500 BB box magazine with dummy rounds.

Geonox Airsoft's Golden Eagle MCR Review


Geonox Airsoft gets his hands on an airsoft LMG to review and it is the Golden Eagle MCR AEG... "In this video we take a look at the Golden Eagle MCR LMG. The cartridge belt and the 2,600-round drum magazine are real eye-catchers.

Many thanks to Sniper Airsoft Supply for making the airsoft available to me. This video is about airsoft replica, not edged weapons."

Golden Eagle MCR LMG AEG At Patrol Base


In this livestream episode, Stu talks about the Golden Eagle 6673 MCR LMG AEG
available at Patrol Base... "Introducing the 6673 MCR LMG, a faithful reproduction of a real-world light fighting Support weapon. Combining LMG function with AR15 ergonomics has been attempted many times in the real firearms world, allow us to take you through what sets the MCR LMG apart from the rest...

PPC Airsoft: Golden Eagle FightLite MCR LMG


PPC Airsoft goes over the Golden Eagle FightLite MCR LMG AEG. Mainly made of of alloy and polymer it comes with a 2,600 round box magazine as well as dummy Remington 223 rounds... "Viewer request! Introducing Fightlight MCR 12.5 from the super heavyweight LMG Golden Eagle, even though it is a light machine gun."

Golden Eagle MCR Fightlight LMG At Softair Zone


SoftAir Zone got the Golden Eagle MCR Fightlight LMG AEG available and here is what they think about this affordable airsoft LMG... "The brand new MCR LMG from Golden Eagle is a faithful replica of the Fightlight MCR LMG. MCR stands for Mission Configurable Rifle. The original MCR has an M4 magazine slot, a feed for a cartridge belt and can be equipped with a wide variety of drum mags.

Golden Eagle FightLite MCR AEG Review


Tier-1-Me checks out this airsoft vesion of the Fightlite MCR LMG by Golden Eagle... "This is the Golden Eagle MCR (Mission Configurable Rifle) - an extremely well made airsoft version of the FightLite MCR M4/AR15/M16 based LMG. Much like the offerings from G&G and Krytac, the Golden Eagle is a great option when considering alternative LMG options."

Hyperdouraku: Golden Eagle FightLite MCR


If you are looking for an affordable airsoft LMG, then you might want to check out the Golden Eagle FightLite MCR AEG. It costs just a bit over US$200 at some airsoft retailers in Asia and comes with many parts in Alloy. It also has a 2,600 electric box magazine that is powered by 4 X AAA batteries and a dummy Rem 223 belt. Hyperdouraku reviews one unit to find out if it's something that Japanese airsoft players would want to have in their list.

Gun Gamers: Condor MCR & Gear Discussion


So what do the Gun Gamers guns think about Condor Outdoor products, including ther MCR series? Watch this video... "This week on Gun Gamers, we give some thoughts on the Condor MCR series in particular, and the merits of Condor gear in general. TL;DR: If you're not using your gear super hard it's probably fine and you don't need to get super upset about what other people use."

Kart MCR .308 At Gunner Airsoft


Finally, a breathe of fresh air for the M14 variants, with this Kart MCR .308 which is available at Gunner Airsoft for US$133.00. This can be either be based on the Cobbs Mfg, or Fulton Armory designs, and this comes with a fixed stock, rather than a retractable one. This is a full metal body design, and expect it to be heavy, as Kart AEGs usually are. Comes with hi-capacity magazine, battery and charger.

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