How To Load An Airsoft Midcap Magazine


Still don't know how? Here is a video tip from Vipex Airsoft... "Here’s a quick video going over in how to properly load an Airsoft mid cap magazine. It’s one of the most preferred magazine types for MilSim games and at most events required. They have their advantages and disadvantages but it is my favorite type of mag."

Airsoft Magazines Available At Airsoft Station


Here is a rundown of all the airsoft magazines that you can order from Airsoft Station... "Airsoft Station carries all kinds of different mags for your Airsoft replica. If you are looking for a M4 mag, ARP9, EVO, AK, M14 or just about any other mag, Airsoft Station has it."

Magazine Adapters For Marui NGRS Airsoft Guns


L'antre Du Dingo how options for the owners of the Tokyo Marui NGRS Series to be able to use non-compatible magazines by adapters being sold by third party sellers in the airsoft market... "The latest next gen AKs by Tokyo Marui have a magazine adaptor in the box, but what bout players owning an M4/hk416 a SCAR-L or an old next gen AK and who don't want to spend a lot of money into specific magazines? Well, Laylax and Hammers have been selling adaptors for ages, let's have a look at them!"

Choosing The Best Magazine Pouches


So which should be the best magazine pouch you can use? The Recon Brothers tackle this question based on a criteria they listed that they suggest you should consider... "'What magazine pouch is the best' is a question that's being asked a lot. The truth is that it depends on your personal preferences and what you do. So to give you a clear idea, we'll objectively compare the various different builds known today that are exist for carbines, rifles, SMGs and pistols.

Elite Force Magazine Rebuild Kit For GLOCK 17 Gen4 GBB


A tutorial video how to use the Magazine Rebuild Kit for the Glock 18 Gen 4 GBB Pistol from Elite Force... "This DIY video is a How-To instruction for the Magazine Rebuild Kit made for the GLOCK 17 Gen 4 airsoft magazine which is Elite Force / Umarex USA item number #2276302.

Watch this video to see how to disassemble and reassemble the magazine for the GLOCK 17 Gen4 Airsoft Pistol."

Airsoft Action Magazine May 2020 Issue Is Now Out


The Airsoft Action Magazine May 2020 issue is now available online or download it for your offline reading pleasure... "Great news!! The latest issue of Airsoft Action is out now!

As Covid-19 rumbles on around the world, wherever you are, we hope you are fit and well.

Despite the lockdown, our Contributors have been working hard to bring you an issue packed with reports, reviews and articles – and this is a flavour of what’s inside…

Valken Multi Rifle Double Magazine Pouch LC


Kaiju presents the Valken Multi Rifle Double Magazine Pouch LC in this video. This magazine pouch can fit multiple sized magazines because of their elastic sides and there are laser cut MOLLE attachment points are located on the front. This can hold 2 rifle or magfed paintball magazines with adjustable elastic straps with pull tabs. This is available in black, olive and tan colors.

G&G Cobalt Kinetics Auto-Drop Advance Magazine


G&G announce the new generation Cobalt Kinetics Auto-Drop Advance Magazine (BAMF Magazine)... "The new Cobalt Kinetics Auto-Drop Advance Magazine (A.D.A.M) comes with a revolutionary patent-pending drop mechanism allowing the the magazine to fall freely once the magazine is emptied. This top tech feature enhances quicker reloads to get you back into the fight. An on/off switch is conveniently located on top of the magazine to enable or disable the drop mechanism.

RedSpot: Krytac Midcap AEG Magazine


Here is a quick look of the Krytac Midcap AEG magazine done by RedSpot, an airsoft retailer based in Chile. This magazine is available to all Krytac authorised sellers worldwide... "A magazine created and designed by Krytac, ideal to complement your game to the fullest on the battlefield."

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