L'Antre Du Dingo: KSC MK23 CO2 GBB


A look at another airsoft MK23 pistol in the market, the version made by KSC in Japan with L'Antre Du Dingo doing the honours. This CO2-powered pistol features a semi-automatic shooting mode and is constructed with a durable ABS polymer frame and slide. The slide has realistic engraved markings, and the pistol has a non-slip grip for better handling. For aiming, it has white dot sights on the front and rear.

KSC M93R Futuro Review By Mach Sakai


In this review, Mach Sakai goes over the KSC M93R is an airsoft machine pistol modeled after the Beretta M93R. It boasts improved operability when wearing gloves due to enlarged and added front serrations. The outer barrel has been redesigned to a composite barrel combining a V6 port and a single port, resulting in a shorter overall length and enhanced handling. Additionally, the M93RII features a high-quality walnut grip for a more comfortable and aesthetically pleasing experience.

Mach Sakai Tries The KSC M93R II Walnut Grip Special (HW)


The KSC M93R II System 7 is not exactly new but Mach Sakai got the Walnut Grip Special so let's watch him try the grip in this video review. This GBB pistol is a polymer-framed Beretta M93R-inspired Gas Blowback Airsoft Pistol. It features select fire, allowing for semi, burst, or full auto modes. It measures 250mm in length and weighs 1.3kg. The pistol has a magazine capacity of 32 rounds and a muzzle velocity of approximately 300 fps. It operates on Green Gas and fires 6mm BBs.

KSC M92 Bartec Hogue Special HW GBB Pistol


Mach Sakai checks the KSC Beretta M92 Bartec Actual Gun Grip Hogue Special HW Gas Blowback Pistol that is back in stock. The M92 Bartec, a product of the Bartec company and adopted by the Japanese Special Investigation Association, is a meticulously designed airsoft gun introduced in System 7. It boasts a slim grip and trigger, a new slide, and a carefully replicated recoil guide. The use of HW material in conjunction with System 7 enhances its maneuverability, allowing for control even when wearing thick gloves.



Mach Sakai tests the limited run KSC STRAC TEG MK2 AEG in this video to find out if there are improvements. This special edition electric gun is based on the company's first original electric gun, and features several upgrades, including an updated rail system, muzzle device, and handguard. The gun also comes with two magazines, a conventional long type and a short magazine, and is equipped with the enhancer function that optimizes full auto and ultra-light sights made by PTS.

Mach Sakai Reviews The KSC AK74M Gas Blowback Rifle


Mach Sakai does a check on the KSC AK74M System 7 Gas Blowback Rifle in this video. The KSC AK74M gas blowback rifle is a lightweight variant of the AK74 rifle, thanks to its black polyamide handguard, rear folding stock, and hand grip. It also features a side-rail bracket for mounting optics. The rifle boasts a 14mm”-” to 20mm”+” Metal Flash Hider, adjustable rear sight with full marking, and a metal body with a metal upper cover. The KSC logo is subtly placed under the selector lever.

KSC KTR-03 Sawed-off Modernized AK Custom System 7 GBB Rifle


Ozashiki Tactical shows his KSC KTR-03 Sawed-off Modernized AK Custom System 7 GBB Rifle in this video. This comes with custom contents that enhance its functionality and aesthetics. These include an EOTech type EXPS3 holo sight replica that provides a clear and accurate target view. The 5KU Zenit RK-6 style AK foregrip, painted in black steel, offers a comfortable and firm grip for the user. The WoSporT two-point adjustable sling in OD color allows for easy carrying of the weapon.

Hyperdouraku: KSC MK23 SOCOM CO2 Blowback Gas Pistol


Another review of the new KSC MK23 SOCOM CO2 Gas Pistol as done by Mister Moro for Hyperdouraku...  "KSC's first CO2 gas gun, the MK23 Socom pistol, is now available! The assault-type .45 caliber pistol, made to order by the US Special Forces, features a huge body and is extremely powerful. You can feel the attention to detail everywhere, such as the threaded barrel that can be attached with a suppressor, the reproduction of the polygonal rifling, and the blackened inner barrel.

KSC AUTO-9C GBB Pistol At Anareus


The Robocop KSC AUTO-9C GBB Pistol is still available and you can find one at Anareus in Czechia... "We take a closer look at the replica of the famous Auto9-C pistol that appeared in the cult sci-fi film Robocop. This airsoft replica is precisely crafted and faithfully reproduces the design and details of the original movie model.

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