Krukspec Philippines New Website


Tactical gear maker, Krukspec Philippines, just launched their newly revamped website after several months. What came out is a well thought-out website that is pleasing to look at. They also have their latest designs posted there in different categories such as load bearing equipment, apparel, and accessories. All their products are not posted there yet, perhaps they are revamping their whole product line.

Krukspec Armor Chassis Series 2 Now Available


After a long silence on the retail front, Krukspec just sent sent us a message about their new Armor Chassis - Series 2. Too bad their web site is not yet up and running for us to check their latest products online. Though this is only available to players in the Philippines, US, and Canada, try to enquire at if they would be willing to deliver to Europe and the United Kingdom.... "The long wait is over, OUR SERIES-2 ARMOR, patterned from our original version but modified for a comfortable fit, functionality,and style. PROUDLY PHILIPPINE MADE.


More Combat Shirts from Krukspec Philippines


Krukspec Philippines recently released three new combat shirts to make you increase your BDU collections. The company, known for releasing great looking and low-cost battle dress uniforms (BDU) has the following available for your taste: Pixelated Jungle, British DPM Desert, and the Desert Stalker. These shirts will keep you cool in hot weather conditions. The Desert Stalker is interesting to look at.


Pixelized Jungle

Krukspec Philippines Releases New Combat Shirts


Krukspec Philippines is really going for it, in fashion, literally. It has released nine Combat Shirts that are sure to make you wet your tongues. These are the CADPAT, Desert Tri-Color, Woodlands, Subdue Tiger, MC, Khaki, Digital Tiger, Digital SAF, and ACU. Krukspec is known for selling great-looking, but low cost Battle Dress Uniforms (BDU) that these new releases won't even make a dent on your wallets.

Kruskpec Philippines Releases Digital MC


To all Gucci camo lovers out there!!! Your favourite multicam camouflage has a new look and it's in a digitized pattern. The multicam look has been the prized BDU clothing by many airsoft players around the world, and a must have in any serious airsoft player's loadout. Krukspec Philippines has taken a step further and digitized the pattern, giving the pattern a pixelated look. It is selling for US$75.00 (£37.41/€55.28) and is a full BDU set (Blouse and Trousers).


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06 Aug 2020

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