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Airsoftology: New KRISS Vector XXXXXL

Probably the craziest airsoft Krytac KRISS Vector AEG ever made is also the longest one. Airsoftology finds it on display at the booth during the SHOT Show 2018 and you might need the bipod for stable shooting. Jonathan Higgs checks it out plus the G&P Transformer and the SAI BLU pistol amongst others during the show.

Glow In The Dark KRYTAC KRISS Vector

DesertFox Airsoft uses a tracer unit with his KRYTAC KRISS Vector AEG for a game in Buffalo Battlegrounds... "Airsoft game play with the KRYTAC KRISS Vector airsoft AEG at Buffalo Battlegrounds in Tonawanda, New York.  In this airsoft gameplay video I am using the KRYTAC KRISS Vector AEG with a G&G Tracer unit and Elite Force .20g glow in the dark BBs."

Airsoft Junkiez Custom HPA Kriss Vectors

The Frog Airsoft shows us different types of custom Krytac KRISS Vectors kitted with the PolarStar Jack F2 from Airsoftjunkiez. The various configurations for these KRISS Vector HPAs are SMG, Carbine, and DMR... "Quick video showing the some of the custom HPA Kriss Vectors by Airsoft Junkies (HPA drop in kit). PolarStar Jack and PolarStar F2 SMG/Carbine/DMR."

Check them out here.

KRISS Takes Action Vs Unlicensed Replicas

KRISS USA are now taking action against disitributors of unauthorised replicas of their KRISS Vector. They took action as there are instances of replicas of their popular KRISS Vector series that are being sold but are unlicensed. Only KRISS Vectors under the KRYTAC brand are allowed to be sold in airsoft stores worldwide. Press release below:

Kriss Vector Drop-in Chassis w/ PStar F2

Airsoftjunkiez now got in stock their custom burst kit for an Polarstar F2 HPA-powered KRISS Vector... "Airsoftjunkiez custom Kriss Vector HPA complete drop in Chassis with Polarstar Airsoft F2 or Jack engines. For easier installation, drop in kit also includes Krytac nozzle, tappet arm, tappet linkage and cylinder head. Comes assembled ready to drop in."

Evike: Krytac KRISS Vector AEG

Two videos from on the Krytac KRISS Vector AEG as it is now back again in stock. Furthermore, rails to extend or enhance the AEG will be available soon. Matt talks about it the second video below. The stock model is available whilst the 400fps is still out of stock.

Mach Sakai: KRISS Vector AEG Accuracy

Mach Sakai is not done yet with reviewing the Krytac KRISS Vector AEG. In this second video he tries the accuracy of the AEG at different distances from 10 metres up to 40 metres. Did he have to do adjustments to fire it at father distances and what BBs he used? Find out in the video:

Krytac KRISS Vector G2 Shooting Tests

Antre du Dingo Dingchavez posts the shooting tests he conducted with the Krytac KRISS Vector AEG... "A little more than a month ago I finally received the Kriss Vector Gen2 from Krytac. I say "finally" because I ordered the replica in May and the release date seemed to have to be postponed ad vitam æternam.

Laylax Satellite KRISS Vector Bag

Laylax have annnounced that the Large Size Satellite KRISS Vector Bag will be released next month. If you are ok that your bag shouts "KRISS Vector Inside!" then this bag is for you, as it can accommodate custom KRISS Vectors with the longer Nitro.vo handguard for it. It also comes with 1 piece "Kryac Owner" patch of your own choice.

NLAirsoft At 15: Krytac KRISS Vector Raffle are celebrating 15 years of delivering airsoft news and are giving away a Krytac KRISS Vector AEG to the lucky winner in their giveway promo. Find out what the other prizes are and mechanics in joining... "NLAIRSOFT.COM is 15 year online in 2017! Time to celebrate with something big. When we say big, we mean big! Together with our partner we will launch a 15 day GIVEAWAY! Yes; 15 items to win during our 15 day giveaway!