AMNB's codeRED CR-TAC Headset Review


The Airsoft & Milsim News Blog (AMNB) got one of the products from codeRED's Professional Series Tactical Headsets --- the CR-TAC Tactical Headset for this review... "A noise cancelling Dual Muff headset with 'hear through' technology using electronic amplification of ambient sounds. Welcome the CR-TAC from codeRED Headsets."

Overview Of Radios For Airsoft


Ordo Airsoft talks about the radios that can be used for airsoft. But before you go and purchase a set, you need to make sure that they meet your country's regulations as a radio that operates within a frequency range may compel you to get a licence from your government to operate it... "In this video, CAD and Ordo explain radio options that can be used for airsoft, and which radios have worked for them in the past."

"Are $10 Radios Good Enough?"


Will cheap radios good enough to use in airsoft games. Damascus Airsoft checks them out... "Be it camping, traveling or playing airsoft, radios/walkie talkies are a fantastic way to keep in touch with your team members and family, so let's see what the Bf888s radios have in store for us for only $10 each. Enjoy!"

Recon Brothers On The Sordin Supreme Mil CC Slim & PTT


In their "Try Before Your Buy" episode, the Recon Brothers go over the Sordin Supreme Mil CC Slim & PTT... "The SORDIN Supreme Mil CC Slim is the showpiece of the Swedish SORDIN company (once famously known as MSA SORDIN). In this video we'll fully go over both this headset and the corresponding PTT options as well as cover their builds, features and pro's and con's.

Choosing The Best Tactical Ear Pro/Comms


The Recon Brothers give tips in choosing the comms that you can use in airsoft... "Choosing ear pro or comms is something that highly depends on your needs and budget. With this video we will help you make up your mind for what you specifically require.

Fox Airsoft On Squad Communications


A quick video from Fox Airsoft in which Tang explains the importance of communications even at the squad level... "I'm sure many of you like myself playing airsoft or even squad-based video games have run into issues in communication with your teammates. Often in the heat of the moment, there is a lot of information being thrown at you about the enemy position and imminent danger headed your way, but the way it is done often causes more confusion than it helps.

"Do You Need A Radio For Playing Airsoft?"


Do you really need a radio playing airsoft. That depends, some quick skirmish games will not need one, but large scale events, and even airsoft Milsim events, will require such. Phoenix Feather Airsoft talks about this comms setup for Milsim... " I explain my MilSim Radio Communication Setup for Airsoft.

THG: Single Comm/Dual Comm Set Ups For Airsoft


The Heresy Group talks about Single and Dual Comm Set Ups for use in airsoft and which setup is more appropriate to use... "Richie breaks down his comms set ups for Milsim/Airsoft. In this video we run through single comm setups and how they stand up against the dual comm master race."

Evike NSRT: Helmet Setup And Comms


In episode 145 of's "Not So Round Table" Talk Show, Matt and George show their helmet setup and comms... "If you're into Milsim then you would understand the importance of Comms during an intense Airsoft game.  But how do you get all of those accessories and radios to work with your tactical helmet?  Matt and George are here (recording from their homes) giving you all the info you need to set up your own."

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