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Gunfire: Avalon Leopard CQB Carbine

Gunfire got hold of a wild animal in the field and have made it available now at their store for you to order, the Avalon Leopard CQB Carbine by VFC... "We are pleased to introduce you the long awaited brand new replicas from VFC Avalon series: Leopard Carbines!

Airsoft Mike: CAAAD Roni Conversion Kit

Airsoft Mike tackles conversion kits for his video review and he goes over of the CAA Airsoft Division Roni Carbine Conversion Kit for airsoft pistols... "The Roni conversion kit, in my opinion, looks cool and if used with a full auto Airsoft pistol, can improve stability accuracy! Other than that, this bit of kit wins me over on just looks and the 'tacticoolness' of it! Join me as I unbox and test!"

SRU 3D Printed PDW Carbine Review

Sergeant Mango does a review of the SRU 3D Printed PDW Carbine Review that allows the user to convert a Glock Gas Blowback Pistol into a carbine. This is designed for the WE Airsoft and Tokyo Marui Glocks 17, 18C and 34 GBB Pistols. The stock can be locked into a folded position and has a rail adapter for mounting weapons accessories.

SRU SCAR Bullpup & G17/18 Carbine Kits

Conversion kits to turn the SCAR-L GBB into a bullpup and the G17/G18 into carbines from Strike Recon Union (SRU) are available at Crawley Surplus UK and here is their video review of these kits... "Now this is something a little different! Dan gets his hands on some shiny bits of plastic all the way from Taiwan. But these aren't just any old shiny piece of plastic, these are SRU's brand new bullpup and carbine conversion kits."

KA M1 Carbine Now At Bunny Workshop

Bunny Workshop are the latest retailer from Hong Kong to have the King Arms M1 Carbine C02 Blowback Rifle in stock... "The King Arms M1 Carbine replica is a beautiful reproduction of this classic firearm. Made with real wood and aluminum alloy, the rifle looks and feels authentic. Adding to the realism is a Co2 powered gas recoil system which helps to imitate the bolt cycling action.

King Arms M1A1 Carbine Blowback Released

King Arms just announced the availability of the Limited Edition King Arms M1A1 Carbine. Those who have been waiting for this should rush to their retailers to reserve one... "This replica of WW2 rifle is CO2 operated model, which made from high quality real-wood stock, metal barrel, with blow back action. Package with a magazine of 15 rounds capacity, and a sanding sponge for customizing your own M1 Carbine into vintage style.

ASG M1 Carbine CO2 GBB Giveaway

Action Sport Games (ASG) held a poll which of their Facebook fans would like to have for a promo and they presented the ASG M1 Carbine CO2 GBB and a CAA M4 CQB which the former won the votes of fans. Now, ASG are holding a competition to allow a lucky fan own that M1 Carbine GBB by commenting on it at the Facebook Page. So better hurry, time's ticking.


Marushin M1 Carbine Short Mag 6mm Version

With the M1 Garand 6mm version released, Marushin also now has the M1 Carbine with a short magazine for 6mm BBs available. This is at RedWolf Airsoft where you can purchase it for US$238.00... "Beautiful replica of the WWII Carbine rifle used by the US Military forces, this gas powered model is made from a high quality real-wood stock, metal barrel and cocking mechanism.

RA-Tech Complete M1 Carbine

If you don't want to bother building your own M1 Carbine with the RA-Tech Kit and the KJ Works Ruger 10/20, Airsoft World will build it for you for £345.00. Saves you the hassle of putting one together and let the experts do it for you... "Ok, before anyone gets uppity this is not an exact replica of the M1 carbine, it is more in the nature of a M1 kit for the Ruger 10/20.

Marushin M1 Garand and M2 Carbine in Stock at Spartan Imports

Spartan Imports, the exclusive US distributor of high-end airsoft automatic electric guns (AEG) and products by Classic Army, Inokatsu, KWA, Tokyo Marui, Maruzen, Marushin, and G&G Armament, has announced that it has the Marushin M1 Garand and M2 Carbine in stock. These two rifles are gas-powered airsoft replicas of the two iconic World War II Rifles which are famous among reenactors and World War II milsim enthusiasts.