Fox Airsoft: Hopup Buckings Explained


In one of their tech tips videos, Fox Airsoft explains how Hopup buckings work, giving you a clear and concise understanding... "One of the first upgrades you can tackle yourself or have done is to change your bucking. Buckings are a wear item and can affect performance and function greatly when they go back. Upgrading to a nicer bucking can also be more worthwhile because they will last longer and be more consistent. But what does the bucking actually affect?"

Precision Run Hop Up Bucking Review


Reapers Airsoft was given the Precision Run Hop-Up Bucking made by the Airsoft Philospher to review... "Hello the ladies ;-) About three weeks ago Marvin or Airsoftphilosopher visited me and left me one of his precision runs incl. Buckings for testing. In this video we will talk through the running / bucking combination and look at the results at 60 ° and 40 °. Unfortunately, the current temperatures are not exactly helpful for such a test, but I think you can still see how the system works."

Sora R-Hop Mound Hop-Up Bucking


Modify-Tech sent in news about their latest product, the Sora R-Hop Mound Hop-Up Bucking designed for use by R-hop System players... "In the second half of 2019, MODIFY will continue to launch new products. The main commodity in July is the Sora R-hop mound hop up bucking. This is specially made for R-hop system players, helping players solve the problem of DIY mounds.

After a long test, use a 60-degree aircraft silicone. High ductility and high cold resistance.

Hop Systems R-Hop Vs Krytac Bucking


The Gun Gamers do an airsoft hop-up range test, pitting the Hop Systems R-Hop against the Krytac Bucking... "Today on Gun Gamers, E House and Kyle do an outdoor range test to see how the Hop Systems R-Hop drop-in kit compares to an equivalent setup using the stock Krytac bucking in Eric's customized Krytac AEG. This test is obviously not super scientific, but we think it shows a couple of points very well, which are discussed in the video!

How To Replace Prowin Hop-up Bucking


A question always asked by airsoft players is replacing the Hop-Up bucking. So it's better for you to bookmark this video made by showing you how to do it... "Detailed video of a commonly asked everyday question, "how do I replace a bucking?" A torn bucking will give you feeding or jamming issues and inconsistencies. Always inspect your hop-up and bucking if you are having feeding issues."

ICS: Change Hop-up Bucking And Spacer


Another ICS class video courtesy, of who else? ICS Airsoft. In this episode of the series, they shouw you how to change the Hop-Up Bucking and Space of your airsoft gun, in this case they prefer to show it done with an ICS Airsoft gun. For those new to maintaining airsoft guns, this is a video to watch and learn.

T-N.T APS-X Upgrades for GBBs & AEGs


Impact Force CQB sent in news about two new products from T-N.T that are now available at their online shop. The first one is the T-N.T APS-X Inner Barrel Length Upgrade for AEGs and GBBs that allows you to increase the range and accuracy whilst maintaining original power. The second one is the T-N.T APS-X Upgraded Replacement Hop-Up Bucking for AEGs and GBBs. Click on the links below to learn more.

Troubleshooting BB Feeding Problems


Bingo Airsoftworks released this video for troubleshooting such internal parts... "This video demonstrates some of the tests you should do with your hopup, bucking and barrel to troubleshoot BB feeding problems. The video shows the BB drop test, BB push through test, and how to test for air seal on the PolarStar Fusion Engine."

How To Install a MadBull Bucking


Another howto video courtesy of Airsoft Outlet Northwest and covers MadBull Airsoft's Blue Bucking Installation... "In this video Airsoft Outlet NW's head tech demonstrates how to install a Madbull Blue Bucking in a KWA SR7's Hop-up Unit, as well as how to modify the Hop-up adjustment dial so that it stays in place more effectively.

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