Danner Vital Trail Boots In Brown/Olive


The Danner Vital Trail Boots looks great and should feel be more than adequate for airsoft and milsim use... "We’ve taken one of our most popular hunting styles and converted it into a rugged, all-terrain hiker. It’s a high-performance combination of light and fast technology from today’s best outdoor and athletic footwear with the durability and reliability Danner is built upon. The Vital Trail will get you where you need to be at the moment you need to be there.

Viktos Johnny Combat Jungle Boot


Viktos Johnny Combat Jungle Boot available in Tiger Stripe to compliment your tiger stripe loadout... "Slinking through the thick jungles of SE Asia in the '60s was a small mix of US Special Forces teams adorned in tiger stripe camo. Though not an official issue camo pattern, it excelled at blending in with the dense foliage. The Johnny Combat Jungle boot takes this unique pattern and infuses it directly into the rugged engineered mesh upper.

Prabos Vagabond & Shadow Tactical Boots


It's tactical footwear this time for Geonox Airsoft to review and he's got two pairs from Prabos --- the Vagabond and Shadow... "In this video I show you two tactical boots that you can use for airsoft for outdoor activities or just for hiking. It is about the vagabond and the shadow of Prabos. Both shoes are made of nubuck leather.

10% Off On Boots At Military 1st


Time to get a new pair of boots? If you're on a tight budget then avail of this 10% discount on boots at the Military 1st online store... "10% off boots and shoes with Discount Code BOOT10. Whether you're hitting the high street or going off-road check our extensive selection of military and combat boots.

Airsoft Action TV: Best Airsoft Boots


Anvil and Gadge are back to talk about the best footwear for airsoft in this episode of Airsoft Action TV... "In which Gadge and Anvil talk about their wide and varied collection of Combat Footwear. We talk about the history of boots as well as our thoughts on the best boots for airsoft use.

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Condor Richards Zip 9" Tactical Boots


Infamous Airsoft gets to review this footwear from Condor Outdoor, the Richards Zip 9-Inch Tactical Boots. Here is what the manufacturer describes the product... "The Condor 9'' Richards tactical boot in the Coyote Brown colorway retains most of the functions and technologies of the Murphy boot, but is designed on a sleeker outsole and sportier profile.

FFA: Salomon Quest Prime GTX W Boots


Femme Fatale Airsoft tries on the Salomon Quest Prime GTX W Boots for this review and if she recommends this to female airsofters... "I’m back with another review, and this time I’m going to be looking at footwear for airsoft and reviewing the Quest Prime GTX W’s by one of the most well-known brands in airsoft - Salomon.

Mil1st: Magnum Opus Assault Tactical 5.0 Boots


In stock at Military1st.co.uk is Magnum Opus Assault Tactical 5.0 Boots... "Made of ballistic nylon mesh and synthetic leather, the Magnum Opus Assault Tactical 5.0 Boots feature flexible foot forming construction, abrasion resistant moulded Kurim panels, compression moulded RECOIL midsole, ankle brace, quick-wicking lining, durable carbon rubber outsole with multi-directional lugs, and robust ghillie lacing.

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