Infamous Airsoft: HK G36 EBB From Umarex


Infamous Airsoft of Chile scrutinises the HK G36 EBB Rifle from Umarex. We believe that the OEM for this is Ares Airsoft and it is, of course, fully licensed. The EBB feature shows the moving bolt and has a quick spring change system. Apart from the markings for those finicky with the licensed trades, it has a 3x magnification optic and red dot.

LCT Airsoft EBB Series At Gunfire


New generation of LCT Airsoft AK AEGs come with the electric blowback feature and for old generation of LCT AKs, owners can look forward  to installing the kit. Gunfire got them in stock and here is Leszek to talk about them in 69 seconds.... "LCT replicas from the newest Electric Blow Back series now available at Gunfire! Assault rifles with the EBB system have an awesome recoil effect that brings the shooting from the replica more realistic."

S&W M&P 40TS C02 Blowback Pistol


Airsoft Atlanta now got the blowback version of the S&W M&P 40TS CO2 Gas Pistol being carried by Elite Force and made by KWC... "The S&W M&P 40 TS Gas FULL-Blowback KWC CO2 Pistol - Black. A fully licensed S&W airsoft gas pistol that uses standard Co2 cartridges and 15 round magazines. Polymer lower frame and full metal upper slide. This is a full scale 1:1 M&P40 pistol that's made by KWC for ensured quality control. Hop up is fully-adjustable (.25g-.32g work best).



We get to see the much expected electric blowback system from LCT Airsoft in this review of the LCT LCKM EBB by WMASG. We liked how the system works and the kick is good for an AEG. This will be available in new production of LCT AK-style AEGs and to follow are EBB kits for owners of the older versions.

Read the full review here (in Polish) and below is the overview video:

SRC SR92 A3 Dual Power Pistol


Star Rainbow Company (SRC) are going to release their Dual Power (Gas/Co2) Full Metal SRC SR92 A3 full action blow back pistol. No idea yet on how much their CO2 and Gas magazines will cost upon release but the option is good especially having CO2 magazines for use in colder weather.

ASG CZ Shadow 2 Overview By AATV


Airsoft Action TV takes a close look at the latest CZ CO2 Blowback pistol from ASG, Shadow 2, which is recommended for Action Air shooters... "We caught up with Ben Webb from ASG UK to talk about the new and exciting ASG CZ Shadow 2 GBB Pistol. This runs on Gas and CO2 mags and is an awesome replica of the real steel competition pistol."

Airsoft GI: CO2 Airsoft Pistol Roundup


Are CO2 pistols better than other blowback pistols? Aaron shows three CO2 airsoft pistols that he thinks are the best in this Airsoft GI episode. Watch the video to find out if your favourite CO2 pistol is in this short list... "The Pistols used in this video are some of Aaron's TOP picks for Airsoft co2 pistols!"

Carol Grillo: WE Airsoft Luger P08


Carol Grillo goes for a vintage-style airsoft pistol for this quick review, the WE Airsoft Luger P08 Blowback Pistol... "The P08 Luger was a piston designed in 1898 and used by the German army during the 1st and 2nd World War. Watch the full video and learn more about this beauty."

Hyperdouraku: Baton Airsoft M45A1 CO2 Blowback Pistol


Hyperdouraku had a go with the recently released M45A CO2 Blowback Pistol from Baton Airsoft... "This M45A1 CO2 gas blowback pistol from BATON airsoft is based on the The US pistol that the US Marine Corps system adopted. It is a BATON airsoft brand product manufactured by an airsoft gun manufacturer in Taiwan as a CO2 gas blowback model exclusively for Japan."

Read the full review here and below is the video overview:

41PX: Carbon 8 M45CQP CO2 Pistol


The official YouTube Channel of 41PX show their first time experience with the Carbon 8 M45CQP CO2 Pistol. It is mainly available in Japan... "The sound is amazing! Recoil is amazing! Even in winter the blowback is a bing! M45CQP of Carbon 8 is now at PX41! Power source is CO2 that meet Japan specifications and is made nylon polymer for both slide and frame."

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