6 Months On With The Titan LI-ION Battery


Rock Botttom Airsoft talks about his experience with the Titan Li-On battery that has been heavily promoted for airsoft use... "It's been about 6 months since I started using a Titan LI-ION battery in the majority of my replicas at game days and testing. In this video we will have a look at the battery again and see what I think of it after long term use.

Tokyo Marui MP5A5 Battery Setup Tips


Waiting for the Tokyo Marui MP5A5 NGRS to arrive at your doorstep? The latest NGRS from the Japanese airsoft company is now at retailers in Japan and is making its way soon to airsoft retailers around the world. For the meantime, here are tips in installing the 8.4V NiMH 1300mAh Mini S Battery in the AEG.

Using The BATON Airsoft Lipo Battery & Charger


Gunsmith Baton put out a video showing proper use of their Lipo battery and charger... "Please be sure to watch this video before using the BATON electric gun lipo battery/charger. There is a risk of explosion or fire if the lipo battery/charger is used improperly. If you have any questions about how to use the lipo battery/charger for electric guns, please feel free to contact Gunsmith BATON. We would appreciate it if you could contact us."

Comparison Of Lipo Batteries For AEGs By C-Rate


A C-rate in batteries is about how much a battery is discharged relative to its capacity. In this video Rock Rose compares Lipoly batteries for airsoft use by their C-rates... "There are too many people who don't know about C rate and battery output, so I've included an explanation. Very few even shop clerks understand it correctly, and we often see people explaining lies to customers. Get the right knowledge and choose a battery without being fooled by the clerk.

How To Li-Po Ready Your AEP


If you think a Li-Po battery will ruin your AEP, here is Maniek44 to show how to make it ready with the use of the Perun MOSFET. Installing it should not be a problem as long as you follow his method... "Today i will show you how to install a Perun Mosfet to your AEP for best performance with a Li-po."

Evike.com: 9 Rules of Airsoft LiPo Battery Safety


Evike.com lays down 9 rules of Lipo battery safety that you need to take heed in order to maintain them well as well as making them safe to use and store... "Safety is our #1 Priority here at Evike.com.  We'll share as much Airsoft Safety knowledge where we can to help educate the Airsoft Community about taking the proper steps to maximize a fun and safe Airsofting experience for all Players. "

"Is This The Best Airsoft AEP Battery?"


Robin Berntsen takes a look at a Nuprol Lipo battery if it is something to recommend for AEP use... "This video is meant to help you to chose if a lipo is the right choice for your AEP.

It is not a review but a helping hand to help you to chose a battery. And at least a helping hand to put the battery inn the right way."

Fox Airsoft: Nimh And Lipo Batteries


In a beginner breakdown video from Fox Airsoft, they discuss Nimh And Lipo batteries for newbies to understand the differences of these batteries for AEG use... "What type of battery should you run for airsoft? What are the difference? What are the pros and cons? We'll explore Nimh (nickel metal hydride) and Lipo (lithium polymer) batteries and give you a rundown."

Makita Power Tool Battery For Airsoft Use?


Sabaoka-crazy Airsoft Japan talks about battery for Makita Power Tools being used for airsoft. A mod was done on a G&G ARP9 so watch how it performs (in Japanese)... "We interviewed real Gachisaba gamers' favorite guns and equipment at White Base in Shiroi City, Chiba Prefecture! Thank you I hope it will be helpful for your Sabage life! Also, I want to try Sabage from now on! It may be a reference for the air gun custom in that case! have fun!"

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