Captain Airsoft's Scorpion Evo A1 AEG Honest Review


How honest is this review by Captain Airsoft of the ASG Scorpion Evo A1 AEG? Watch the full video review... "I have had my Scorpion Evo A1 2020 Edition for over 2 years and this video is here to help you understand what problems you might run in to if you are buying a Scorpion Evo.

What do you think of the Evo?"

ASG STI Combat Master GBB Pistol Test


Weekend Warrior does a review and test of the ASG STI Combat Master GBB Pistol which is a licensed airsoft pistol by STI... "Hi guys! We have tested the ASG STI Combat Master for you and are thrilled. You know the gun from the movie 'John Wick 3' where he does what he does best with the gun.

In addition to the good workmanship, we particularly like the short trigger travel, which makes quick conclusions possible."

ASG BT USW A1 6MM CO2 Blowback Overview


Blades and Triggers in South Africa got the licensed ASG BT USW A1 in stock and they give an overview video for interested buyers... "The B&T USW A1 from ActionSportGames is an excellent 1:1 copy of the innovative new personal defense weapon created by Brugger and Thomet.

Rebuilding a Hera Arms CQR AEG


Pewpew Paladin rebuilds an ASG-ICS Hera Arms CQR AEG, a broken one which has been gathering dust and see what he can make out of it... "For ages now, I've had a broken ASG Hera Arms CQR hidden away - awaiting a time when I planned to strip it down and get it working for a friend. That time never came and my friend has moved on to bigger and better airsoft toys...

Is The ASG Steyr Scout Elite Rapax Best Airsoft Sniper Rifle Out Of The Box?


Geonox Airsoft reviews the ASG Steyr Scout Elite Rapax airsoft sniper rifle if it is the best airsoft sniper rifle out of the box... "In this video we look at the Steyr Scout Elite with 2.6 Joule tuning spring from Rapax. There aren't many airsoft snipers that are playable out of the box. Usually they shoot crookedly, have no precision, no range or the innards are not designed for the energy and break after a few days of play. With the Steyr Scout you no longer need to worry about tuning.

Airsoft Sharks On The ASG CZ Shadow 2


Airsoft Sharks tells what he does not like about the ASG CZ Shadow 2 Gas Blowback Pistol in this video... "Watch out! Do you spend a lot of time on reviewing and making decision on which next camera/gadget or an Airsoft pistol your should buy next?

Weekend Warrior Shop Tests ASG CZ Scorpio EVO 3 A1 S-AEG SMG


The Weekend Warrior Shop does a test and review the ASG CZ Scorpio EVO 3 A1 S-AEG SMG which is produced to meet German requlations... "The CZ Scorpion EVO 3 A1 was built by ASG to offer airsoft players the most realistic handling possible. Like its original counterpart, the EVO 3 will stop firing when its magazine is empty and must finish loading after inserting a reloaded magazine.

Taktik Airsoft's Review Of The ASG Storm Apocalypse


Montreal-based airsoft retailer, Taktik Airsoft, give their take on the reusable ASG Storm Apocalypse airsoft grenade... "Our first impressions of the ASG Storm Apocalypse. Frankly, we are really impressed with performance and use to date. This is a very user friendly, simple to use. and effective impact grenade."

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