Airsoft Centrum: E&L ELMS AKMS Essential


Airsoft Centrum of Hungary gives us a rundown of the features of the E&L ELMS AKMS Essential... "Airsoft rifle with steel and wood construction, for the most realistic and best possible durability. Due to its lifelike appearance, some parts of the original edged weapon also fit it (for example, wooden forend, gas return, sights). Surface treatment also used on sharp weapons. The gearbox has a quick spring change.

Pewpew Paladin: The E&L AKMS AEG


Pewpew Paladin talks about the E&L AKMS AEG, the "girl all the bad guys want"... "The E&L AKMS is that one girl you knew growing up that pretty much every guy wanted... You didn't care if she had substance or an IQ higher than a poodle. You didn't mind if she'd never heard of Star Trek or had never played a single game of Mario Kart. You just knew you had an insatiable yearning to be around her.

Salty Old Gamer: E&L AKMS Airsoft AEG


The Salty Old Gamer checks out the E&L AKMS Airsoft AEG for a video review... "Talk about timely and relevant. You're probably seeing these all over the news right now. The one, the only, the ancient but still going AKMS. Today we're taking a look at this middle-to-upper tier Airsoft AEG, the E&L AK-47 AKSM Airsoft AEG. This was an interesting one. Check it out and decide for yourself."

Bolt Airsoft AKM BRSS Hammer Review


Japanese airsoft magazine ARMS Magazines checks out the AKM BRSS Hammer from BOLT Airsoft. This one of the new releases from BOLT Airsoft with the Bolt Recoil Shock System (BRSS), which is a simulated recoil and blowback system for AEGs... "A replica model representing the AK series with the original mechanism 'HAMMER' that allows you to experience a strong recoil shock!"

Read the review here and overview video below:

GHK AKMS GBB Rifle In Action


According to P.O. 【GBBリアカンサバゲー】, it's not the end for the gas blowback season as the cold weather starts setting in their country. Gameplay video shows the GHK AKMS Gas Blowback Rifle in action at the Tokyo Survival Game Park (Tokyo Sabage Park)... "This time, PO uses AKMS of GHK, which is rare to see i the field and it was very warm on this day, but it's still usable at when it gets cold."

E&L AKMS AEG Nito Softair Custom


SAT&Gaming Airsoft got to see more of this Nito Softair custom work on the E&L Airsoft AKMS AEG. E&L AK AEGs are some of the most sough after AK airsoft guns in the airsoft market due to their build quality and durability... "Today I talk to you about the customization performed by NITO SOFTAIR on my AKMS of E&L in this show! Watch how it performs."

Hoak's Wife Reviews The CYMA AKMS AEG


Hungarian airsoft reviewer Hoak, reviews the CYMA CM048s or the AKMS AEG. A good performer that can be ordered at an affordable price, this is a mainstay AEG amongst airsoft players on a budget. However, for this review, he brings his wife to do the initial parts, especially the unboxing and externals as part of his "relationship goals." It would be good to see more of them doing reviews together in future videos.

USAirsoft: Spartan Delta Series AKMS Review


USAirsoft reviews the Spartan Delta Series AKMS AEG and so far the initial impression is not good... "Spartan Delta Series AKMS By E&L Review - NOT IMPRESSED... Yet. For $260 I expect a lot but maybe I expected a bit too much this time. You guys have been asking for an E&L review for a long while now but it seems this is the closest I can get for the moment, sorry guys.

DesertFox: JAG Precision E&L AKMS


DesertFox Airsoft gets his hands of the E&L Airsoft  AKMS Gen 2 AEG at the SHOT Show 2016. Carried by Jag Precision for the U.S. airsoft market, E&L Airsoft is known for their well made airsoft AEGs, which are mostly of the AK designs, as they are of the exact details of the real steel externally, and come with good internals.

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