Anvil Airsoft TV: Surplus British Webbing


Let's take a look at Anvil's British gear in this episode of Anvil Airsoft TV... "We through Anvil's collection of surplus British Army Webbing and load bearing gear. We look at Chest Rigs, Ops / Assault Vests, Webbing and Plate Carriers. We think surplus gear is great for all types of airsoft player from beginner to serious MilSim 'Operators'!"

Custom Airsoft Guns In AATV Live Episode 19


This is the recorded version of the Anvil Airsoft TV (AATV) Live Episode 19 that took place at the start of the month. With the Bens back, they talk about custom airsoft guns... "We're going live with the two Bens to discuss custom airsoft guns. How to make them? What does custom mean? When and why should you and when shouldn't you make one!"

Anvil Airsoft TV: Italian Ration Review


Will it be like your favourite pasta or pizza? Find out if Italian rations are one of the best or worst rations for the field in this review by Anvil Airsoft TV (AATV)... "We try an Italian Army 24 hour ration in this episode. Have you got experience of using or eating one of these? Let us know in the comments."

Anvil Airsoft TV 3000 Subs Special


Anvil Airsoft TV (AATV) has breached the 3000 subscriber mark on YouTube last month and they did a livestream special to celebrate this milestone... "In this live stream we'll be talking about how AATV came about, how we made and how we make episodes. We'll also go over how we came to be live-streaming and the kit we use for that. I'll also be answering some questions from the viewers and update you on the current projects."

Anvil Airsoft TV: Airsoft Retro AR Carbines


We like this episode as we want these mentioned airsoft carbines updated with newer tech such as electric blowback and recoil and of course gas blowback versions. Anvil Airsoft TV goes to the movies to talk about the airsoft versions of the rifles used in "Black Hawk Down", the movie about Operation Gothic Serpent in Mogadishu... "We take a look at Anvils Black Hawk Down, Gothic Serpent inspired G&P retro colt carbine collection. Colt M733, Colt M653, Colt M727."

Anvil Airsoft TV: OpFor in Airsoft


We actually love playing the OpFor in airsoft events, especially themed events in which we get to put on the loadout we love to wear for role playing. Anvil Airsoft TV (AATV) with special guests talk about playing the OpFor role that was livestreamed during the Covid-19 lockdown period... "We're talking about playing as OpFor in Airsoft. What to wear, what to expect, how to play and everything else."

AATV: CYMA CM009B M16A1 On The Range


Anvil Airsoft TV (AATV) brings the CYMA M16A1 AEG to the range to check how it fires using different BBs... "We range test the new CYMA CM009B M16A1 at Thurlaston Airgun and Archery Centre. Test BBs were ASG Open Blaster 0.20g, 0.25g and 0.28g BBs. The CYMA wasn't able to hop 0.32g BBs.

Check out our other videos on the CM009B where we look at the externals and tear it down in the workshop."

What's Best For Airsoft? AK vs AR?


Anvil Airsoft TV (AATV) gets into the usual debate with his special guests on what is better in airsoft, the AK or the AR... "Want to know whether to buy an AK47 or an M4A1? Well in this episode of AATV Live our guests will discuss what that actually means and what's best for airsoft, we'll dive into the history of each and talk about real world applications. Join us for the ultimate discussion to end all discussions!"

AATV Live: Airsoft Longevity


How does one keep up playing the airsoft hobby? In episode 13 of Anvil Airsoft TV, Tom with Femme Fatale Airsoft, Phil Bucknall and Sean Clark talk how they do keep it up... "Our guests discuss how to keep playing Airsoft through illness, injury, life changes, mental health and loss of interest."

AATV: Airsoft Social Media & State of The Game Part 3


Anvil Airsoft TV episode with Gadge, Ben, Gaz, and of course Tom talking about airsoft social media and the state of airsoft. This is the recorded version of the livestream that took place last 1 May... "Getting the Band back together to finish off our discussion From Monday!


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