Fulton Armory Recreates The M14 Rifle Used In The "Black Hawk Down" Operation


Fulton Armory M14 Black Hawk DMR

In the airsoft community, “Black Hawk Down” is one of the movies in which many try to recreate the loadouts of some of the famous characters. The movie which immortalizes “Operation Gothic Serpent” that took place in Mogadishu, Somalia in 1993 won two Academy Awards. For M14 fans, Fulton Armory recreated the Black Hawk DMR as a homage to Randy Shughart, the U.S. Army Delta Force operator who used a similar M14 rifle who dies defending a fallen Black Hawk helicopter and its crew during Operation Gothic Serpent.

The Black Hawk DMR is more than just a “clone” it is Fulton Armory’s vision of how a Delta Force rifle should be built for an urban mission.

Fulton Armory M14 Black Hawk DMR 02


Fulton Armory M14 Black Hawk DMR 03

According to the company, the Black Hawk DMR is a highly accurate and reliable rifle that is built to withstand the rigors of combat. It features a 22-inch barrel, a National Match trigger, and a Fulton Armory DMR scope mount. The rifle is also equipped with a National Match flash suppressor, a fiberglass handguard, and a USGI fiberglass stock.

Fulton Armory M14 Black Hawk DMR 04


Fulton Armory M14 Black Hawk DMR 05


Fulton Armory M14 Black Hawk DMR 06

“We are honored to be able to create both a rifle the customer can cherish and one that pays tribute to a brave individual like Randy Shughart,” said Zachary Tucker, a business developer from Fulton Armory, “Our team has poured their expertise and passion into every detail of this rifle and we think our community will really connect with this rifle much like they did with the Black Hawk Down movie.”

Shughart, together with another Delta Operator, Gary Gordon, with whom he defended the Black Hawk crew, was awarded the Medal of Honor posthumously in 1994. The first Medal of Honor recipients since the Vietnam War.

Fulton Armory M14 Black Hawk DMR 07


Fulton Armory M14 Black Hawk DMR 08


Fulton Armory M14 Black Hawk DMR 09

Features of the Black Hawk DMR:

  • Fulton Armory Receiver M14 marked (Meets All USGI Material & Heat Treat Specifications)
  • Fulton Armory DMR, Steel Picatinny Rail, Professionally Fitted & Installed to Receiver
  • Fulton Armory, 22″ 1×10, GI Contour, Chrome-Lined, National Match Quality Barrel
  • Hand Selected and Fitted GI & True Mil Spec Parts Throughout & Forged FA Gen II Bolt, USGI Op Rod, USGI Trigger Group
  • NM Polished Gas Piston
  • NM Gas Cylinder with Welded & Modified Front Band
  • NM Modified Trigger
  • NM Modified Handguard
  • National Match Flash Suppressor with Bayonet Lug
  • FA, Fiberglass Reinforced, Black Handguard
  • USGI Fiberglass, hand selected, black texture painted Stock
  • Adjustable, Ambidextrous, Kydex Gen II Cheek Piece
  • One 10 Round Magazine, Canvas Sling, & Owner’s Manual
  • Fulton Armory Precision Guarantee: Under 1.5 MOA (With Federal Gold Medal Match Ammunition)

The Fulton Armory Black Hawk DMR is available for purchase for $3,739.95.  Airsoft players may want to replicate such M14 DMR on their own. Also there is no licensed Fulton Armory M14 chassis in airsoft through we have been waiting for a made for airsoft version of the Fulton Armory M14 SOPMOD Systems.

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