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Tracerr - New Airsoft Magazine

Tracerr is a new US-based airsoft magazine meant to help the average airsoft player. It is presently an E-zine until they're ready to print the articles they receive. Subscription is free by signing-up at the their website.  But if you can't wait for a  printed version, you'll need to email them at and they'll print the magazine one request at a time.  Expected launch for Tracerr will be 31 October 2007. Store Announcement

Keith of has posted an updated store announcement to improve on customer service as their business is growing leaps and bounds: "Our team has set up three individual emails for our customers in order to provide better and faster services. But due to the mass influx of enquiries and orders from our worldwide customers everyday please be patient we will get back to you as soon as we can. Please note the domain is as a lot of people sent their emails to and never get response from our team ...


Desert Tiger Stripe Items for September from just released new items for September 2007 comprising of first generation Desert Tiger Stripe BDUs from Bulle.  The BDUs are 100% ripstop and enhanced with extra pockets for the blouse and trousers. Other Desert Tiger Stripe items from Flecktarn are Boonie Hat, MICH Helmet Cover, and the PASGT NATO Helmet Cover. Also released for this month is the German Desert Flecktarn Parka.

Airsoft GI 10.5" CQB Limited Edition Now Available

For those who have money to burn, and are avid collectors of Limited Edition AEGs, you have a new one to consider with the release of the Airsoft GI 10.5" CQB Limited Edition. This is primarily made up Systema, Madbull, Noveske, and JBU parts built on a G&P M4 Noveske AEG. It costs a hefty US$1,250.00, but since it's on a limited run, these are priced for the avid collector-skirmisher.

SRC AK-47 RPK Type with Drum Magazine at WGC Shop

WGC Shop, a Hong Kong airsoft product retailer that ships world wide has the SRC AK-47 RPK Full Metal in stock.  The SRC version is said to be very solid as there are no rattles or creaks in its construction. Capable of 285 fps and can hold a large-type battery in its stock, it features a version 3 gearbox, Wood Handguard / Grip / Stock, Steel Folding Bipod, Aluminium Outer Barrel, Electric Winding Drum Magazine ( Approx.

RIS Foregrip Xenon Tactical Light with QD Mount from EvoTac

Evolution Tactical, a Canadian Airsoft and Paintball equipment retailer has posted online their RIS Foregrip Xenon Tactical Light with QD Mount. It is a high quality tactical RIS mounted weapon light with Quick-Detach mounting. Powered by 3x CR123A lithium batteries, this tactical light produces 250 lumens of blinding light power and weighs only 505g with batteries.  The light weight does not interfere with the manuevarability of your weapon, reducing the weight on the front end.

Classic Army Price Drop at 1st Protocol Airsoft

1st Protocol Airsoft Hobby Shop, based in California, just announced a price drop of their Classic Army product line. The prices offered are almost at cost price to the retailer. The price drop remains while supply lasts though we saw a Tokyo Marui AK-47 Full Stock AEG also included in the products with reduced prices.  Either you can drop by their store in Santa Ana, California, or visit them online.

Pictures of Upcoming AEGs from Star Rainbow Company

Star Rainbow Company (SRC), has posted pictures of their upcoming AEG products. "SRC was founded in 1993 and served as a scale model wholesaling agency in Taiwan’s toy domestic market. The company had been distributing many popular scale model brands from Japan, Taiwan, USA and Europe, as well as other type of toys; because of that, the SRC developed a strong foundation on the toy market.

5% Discount at Redwolf Airsoft for Customers from England, Scotland & Wales

We just received a message from our friends at RedWolf Airsoft: "Just to let you guys know that we will be offering a 5% discount for customers based in the United Kingdom (England, Scotland and Wales) for a limited time only. The 1st October is almost upon us, and all those concerned will inevitably know what that will entail.

AGM/JG APS2 Type 96 at

This is a first: a Type 96 Sniper Rifle made jointly by AGM and JG that guarantees is much, much better than other L96 airsoft replicas out there in the market right now. While would like to sell you the rifle right now, they would want to customize it for you by adding a true sniper scope at an added cost (US$30 too high for you?) or at US$55 with a bipod.  At  a total of $133.99 (3-9x40 Sniper Scope+Steel Bipod included), then it's a steel, eerrr...