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TAG Tactical Arm Band

This has been in stock since last year at Tactical Quartermaster and we highly recommend this item when you're not familiar with a skirmish site, especially if it's a huge site. Just hope that the skirmish organisers provide you with printed maps that can easily fit in this arm band. Or you can just place the photo of your girlfriend/boyfriend in there to take a peek at in between game scenarios. Valentine's day is fast approaching, isn't it?


Airsoft Extreme Clearance Sale Section

Airsoft Extreme just added a Clearance Sale section to their website so you can watch this section when looking for some great deals from them... "We have a new Clearance Sale section on our website where you can find some of the best airsoft values on the market. All items are brand new unless otherwise noted and sold AS IS. No refund, warranty, exchange, or store credit. Airsoft guns ­in this section are thoroughly tested for proper working condition before we ship.

OPSEC Airsoft Radio 31 January 2008 Show Available for Download

OPSEC Airsoft Radio has now made available the 31 January 2008 show for download. OPSEC Airsoft radio was put up in September 2005 by a group of airsoft enthusiasts "tired of reading several different websites to remain 'on-top' of the airsoft scene, but most importantly... tired of being out of the loop on local events/games." So they decided to put up something different --- and thus the online radio service for the airsoft world.

FLASH: TDI KRISS Airsoft GBB Prototype And New JP Rifle

This new development is sure bound to get your attention and excitement (I know someone who definitely will). Mad Bull Airsoft has released an initial image of the TDI Kriss Gas Blow Back Prototype and lots of pictures of their latest JP Rifle that is both C02 and an AEG (we'll get more information on these). We have learned about the TDI KRISS' development in autumn 2007, and we're informed that it will be made available this year.

TM AEG MAC10 Short Front Kit

PDI/X-Fire has released this accessory for the Tokyo Marui MAC10, and it looks great on it... "We made this RIS for extendability.This handguard is highly durable as the PDI Patriot and it can be attached with 4 rails. This set also includes PDI Short Silencer which has a punching metal made of SUS304. It can reduce high pitch sound. This is short in size, so in the case of CQB, you can use Mac10 as a main weapon like MP7.

CA Full Metal M15A4 SOCOM

One of the latest Classic Army Releases is now available at Airsoft GI... "Classic Army has set the bar for high end airsoft guns over the last couple years. They were the first company to offer airsoft guns with metal bodies for an affordable price. They have created a reputation for quality and enabled airsoft to flourish here in the United States. The Classic Army M15A4 series of airsoft rifles are solidly constructed to with stand the rigors of field play.

Kart Mk14 EBR Long Full Metal

The long barrel version of the Kart M14 EBR is now in stock at Landwarrior Airsoft with the price not far from the first version released last year... "Kart are our new best friends! Not only content with being the first to bring out an excellent M14 Socom they now blow everyone else out of the water with the Mk 14 EBR! This gives the G&P kit a fair run for it's money. Essentially copying everything except the heartache of building it!


Tanaka S&W M500 Magnum Compensated Hunter 10.5 Inch

This classic looking airsoft replica from Tanaka is sure to turn heads. Now you can get it at RedWolf Airsoft... "Another fine looking revolver from Tanaka with this Tanaka S&W M500 Maganum Compensated Hunter 10.5 Inch. An intimidating looking gun, made from ABS, it features a standard 20mm rail mount for mounting sights, lasers or other accessories. It has a flip-out cylinder for recharging gas and reloading BBs. Shoots around 320 fps with top gas, 260&280 fps with HFC134a.

Super Bowl Sunday Specials & New Guns At

This came in last night, a full load of updates from Kent Wu of with their Super Bowl Special (New York Giants versus the New England Patriots. GO PATRIOTS!!!) and new airsoft guns mainly from AnK and Jing Gong... "It’s been a couple of months since our last update. Christmas has come and gone and we’re in a new year! I hope your new year has started off well. Well, we got some new guns in.

DBoys Kar 98K Wood Version

If you didn't want to get the wood kit for your DBoys Kar98 first release, your wait is finally over to buy a full rifle with the woodwork already installed. You can find one now at Gunner Airsoft... "Spring Powered Kar 98K from Dboys, comes with 5 cartridges, It has a different action (push cocking) than most of the Spring rifles in the market (pull cocking), power will be around 350-370 fps with average accuracy."